Aggressive Protocol

Aggressive Protocol I hear you ask already what’s this all about?

Well as most of my readers know I have been searching for ways of improving my lifestyle, hence “Lifestyleboost” as my theme. There are two key areas that I am re-searching health and wealth and how the two are interconnected and influence or lives through the choices that we make or can afford to make.

order cialis width=”150″ height=”150″ class=”alignleft size-thumbnail wp-image-200″ />I’m no politician but I did admire the “late” Donald diflucan generic brand Dewar who was the first holder of the office “First Minister of Scotland and who believed and indeed championed social equality.

You will be hearing much more from me about Aggressive Protocol in weeks ahead. Clinical Trials have just been concluded and written up for submission to medical journals and will give hope to those who have suffered from the same disease that I have. The world’s number one killer “HEART DISEASE”