Author: Campbell Young

Healthy Gut | Day 14

Yesterday I talked about Weight Management & Obesity and some tests that had been carried out using the Microbiome from twins, one who was overweight the other thin. The results were straight forwards enough the microbiome from the lean human twin stayed lean.  And, the host with the microbiome from the overweight human twin gained weight and stored fat.

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Healthy Gut Obesity | Day 13

Coming back to “people have choices” this has been what this blog has been about since the day I started writing it back in 2010. Lifestyle design, Lifestyle choice and today eight years on my purpose has not changed, however with eight years more knowledge and a team of great people around me, including over a dozen PHD’s I can give better information than I could back in 2010.

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Healthy Gut | Day 11

Individual humans are about 99.9% identical to one another as it relates to their human genes.  However, they could be 80-90% different from one another in terms of their Microbiome. And while the microbial communities of your skin, your mouth, and your reproductive areas are important, it’s the Microbiome of the gut or abdominal cavity that plays the greatest role in determining your overall health.

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