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AMANA Foundation Launch 19th April 2011

The charity has been set up by the family members of the late Mabaswir Khan described by many as a kind man, a pillar of the community, well respected by his peers, family, young and old for his wisdom and generosity. Mr Khan’s friends and family on many occasions wanted to nominate him for numerous awards and recognition however he was too modest to accept. From the testimonials made on the evening he is sadly missed by all and has left a void that will be difficult to fill.

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Health Wealth The Choice Is Yours

Here’s what I mean.
1950’s I was born and have no memories of the 50’s
1960’s I grew up, went to primary school, John Kennedy was assassinated and man landed on the Moon.
1970’s I got married and my two kids were born.
1980’s My Career started and my father died and John Lennon was shot dead.
1990’s I moved from Scotland to England, divorced, my Mum died, My Daughter married and my 1st Grandchild was born and Princess Diana was killed in Paris.
2000 I started looking at Lifestyle Design and not doing what everyone else does from 9-5 in a JOB but this was a decade

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Inspiration after Illness

Many people need inspiration today and not just those that have suffered an illness or the loss of someone close. I know I have a number of times in my life. Folloing my heart attack, triple heart bypass surgery and indeed when I lost my parents.

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