What lives inside you

Your Microbiome

Why is this important even to your body composition of being lean or fat?
People used to blame their human genes for being overweight. And because of this, they felt powerless to change their physical appearance. But science around the Microbiome, especially looking at your gut microbial communities, clearly shows this plays a far greater role in determining whether you are lean or fat.
This means that if you change your internal gut Microbiome, you can significantly improve your ability to process food so that you use food for energy instead of storing it as fat.
This allows you to physically reshape yourself and address most of the metabolic health issues associated with being overweight and obese – like diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases. Here’s the link to heart disease that I have been talking about. I would also add that my own surgeon said back in 2005 that inflammation was another cause of coronary artery disease. If he is right then if an un-healthy gut causes inflammation then surely this must be a contributing factor to consider?

Here’s the standard list of causes from the NHS website:

  • Smoking
  • have  (hypertension)
  • have a high blood cholesterol level
  • don’t take regular exercise
  • have diabetes
  • being obese or overweight
  • having a family history of CHD – the risk is increased if you have a male relative under the age of 55, or a female relative under 65, with CHD

No mention of inflammation or stress yet both were cited by my surgeon in 2005 albeit he admitted that at that time not much research had been carried out in these areas but that was 13 years ago and whilst the survival rates from heart attacks has greatly improved the statistics have not. More must be done and the powers at be are the ones who also need to #Lookharder
The e-book that I will send out to those of you who request it is designed to help guide you through this discovery process. And as an extra bonus I will also send a second, he books about how nitric oxide therapy, when applied properly, can contribute towards a healthy cardiovascular system. More of this in later posts.
These eBooks are in terms that you can understand and apply, you can significantly reshape your Microbiome so that it aids you in improving your health, #Elitehealth

Day 8 Food Diary

• Warm H2 Lemon Water
• Therapeutic Smoothie with Kefir
• 3 x Probiotics
• 2 x Microbiome Detox
• ½ Apple with small piece of cheese
• Pea Protein shake
• ½ Apple with small piece of cheese
• Beef Stew with onions, garlic, carrots and mash
• 2 x L-arginine sticks
• 2 x Magnesium supplements

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