Heart Disease Is The #1 Killer Of Adult Women

During our daily 8pm webinars we share statistics with our listeners and one of them is that Heart Disease Is The #1 Killer Of Adult Women. In fact 12 times more women die from heart disease than they do from Breast Cancer. These webinars are free to join and take place every Monday to Thursday at 8pm.
In the USA 64% of all women and 50% of all men who die from a fatal heart attack never knew they had the disease and guess what? They still don’t know what killed them. Harsh, sad but true. I’m sure the statistic will be comparable in most countries.
In the UK 1/3rd of all fatal heart attacks don’t make it to hospital in time. Source: British Heart Foundation Stats.

This video was made in the USA and shows the impact this disease can have on you, your family and your business.

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