Irn Bru after Bypass Surgery

Aye it’s troo I had IRN BRU after Triple Bypass Surgery back in July 2005. How time flies.
I thought I would lighten up a bit on a very serious subject, after all, this diseases, Cardio Vascular Disease, kills more people on this buy cialis planet than the next SIX yes 6 diseases combined including cancer.

Well what’s this IRN BRU all about. I was brought up on the stuff “Scotland’s Other National Drink” “Made From Girders” “Phenomenal” they also have some hilarious advertising campaigns and I am going to pick my 5 favourites and post them all here this week to share with you.

Now before you all attack me for promoting a drink that’s loaded with sugar, you can buy the diet version and my guess is that’s its miles better for you than Coke or Pepsi in any form. What did it for me was that 4 days after my op all I wanted was IRN BRU. I nicked some from the guy in the bed next to me in the middle of the night. Aunty Betty and Uncle Jimmy came to my rescue though later that day and brought me in a 6 pack “ya dancer” sorted and I got out two days later and I put it down to AG Barr’s IRN BRU. Not sure it would prevent heart disease, not a clue if it causes it but I guess everything in moderation can’t be all that bad?

The video is hilarious for AG Barr’s new Energy Drink IRN BRU 32.

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