Scared Of Triple Bypass Surgery

Someone called Hancock7 asked this question on Yahoo Answers “My father needs triple bypass surgery. im so scared.?”

The mortality rate is around depakote generic cheap 2% this includes all patients who have this procedure from the 39 year old in the video, myself, at 47 years old right up to the elderly. My surgeon was Professor DJ Wheatley and when he came to see me he said “I would expect to operate on 100 guys just like you and not lose one” It still didn’t stop me from being scared and I know just like Hancock7 my kids were scared too. What is really sale cialis important though is two things. 1-There are people out there who can help you get through this have a look at this web site at Heart2Hearts and 2-change your lifestyle. Doing what the Cardio Rehab team tell you and teach you is also a “must do”