Vancouver 2010 February

February is not only Winter Olympic Month but also World Heart Month ending with a “wear red day” on the 26th of February in the UK. USA diflucan prescription drug Red Day was 5th February.
However it would be wrong of me to talk about the Wniter Olypics and not mention the tragic accident on the Luge. BUT I fully agree with Lizzie Greenwood-Hughes from the BBC who on her blog says “Now that two days have passed since Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili’s death, I finally feel I can blog about the whole tragic experience” but she wishes TV channels would stop screening the accident. I applaud for pulling down all uploads except tributes although some of these step over the mark.

Like these games, those that have gone before and those that will come in the future all produce heroes and any one who has became successful either in sport, wealth or health will all tell you one thing, its all about belief.

Enjoy the video which I would like to dedicate to the fabulous Canadians I met in Jamaica buy cialis online November 2009.