What a Heart Attack Looks Like!

This should open your eyes all you guys out there between 40 and 60 years old.
If you’re worried about having a heart attack or have recently found yourself short of breath or tired when you should’nt be-then see your GP and tell him without delay.
The cialis no rx thing is this, an ECG cannot tell if you have badly blocked arteries. deltasone online My consultant told me that there was only one way to be sure. That’s an angiogram.
The fact in my case was I suffered a “mild” heart attack back in March 2004 aged 46. I was released after an ECG showed no heart damage and a treadmill test where I stayed on for the full 12 minutes. People who have bad CAD sometimes don’t even make the 2nd minute on the treadmill test.
12 months on having quit smoking and played by the rules I felt no better. So I seen my consultant and he recommended an angiogram. Guess what 3 blocked arteries and even after revealing this I got on the treadmill again and last another 12 minutes, much to the surprise of the cardio care team in Dumfries. There is a reason for this but I will save that for another day.
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