Day 15 of My Journey from 64 to 65 ProArgi9+ and heart disease

I was born in Glasgow on the 8th of August 1957 and have just celebrated my 64th Birthday earliet this month. I think for too many reasons, too many people who have suffered the same fate has I did back in 2004 but don’t live to tell the tale. That fate was a heart attack and some notable and high-profile deaths lately have been, Carrie Fisher, Ugo Ehiogu, George Michael.

Brian Moore the former England Rugby International has recently suffered a heart attack, Sam Allardyce had stents inserted following his heart attack as has Harry Rednapp back in November 2011.  Bill Clinton and Graeme Souness both notable triple bypass survivors.  And many of us witnessed at Euro 2020 the dramatic scenes as Christian Eriksen collapsed during Denmark’s opening match against Finland.

Singer Song writer Toni Braxton was diagnosed with heart disease caused by High Blood Pressure when she was just 36 years old-you see this disease has no prejudices, it’s not a poor person’s disease although it does affect more people in that demographic profile.

In March 2004 at a meeting just like this in Glasgow where I was the VIP guest speaker, I suffered a minor heart attack not long after the meeting ended.

Boom a game changer in my life but at I was lucky and lived to tell the tale.  I will spare you all the  detail of the nearly four years of hell I went through having not only lost my greatest asset my health, but I also lost everything I owned, house car, relationship, savings.  However, what you do need to know is this.

I was discharged following successfully completing 12 minutes on a treadmill linked to an ECG.

Four weeks later I spent about five hours in the Cardio Unit in that same Glasgow Hospital, where I was seen and tested by four nurses and two consultants-they gave me a clean bill of health but confined me to lifetime on prescription drugs-and guess what? They and their machines missed the most important thing of all, I had three badly blocked arteries which was only discovered because I went private and ended up having a triple bypass just over a year later at the age of 46.

Since this live changing event I went on a personal journey of discovery. Leading cardiologists have written countless books on the subject., I can share some of them if you would like to drop me a message and there is plenty more evidence out there that heart disease is in fact a toothless paper tiger that can be eradicated in four simple steps.

  1. What you put in your mouth
  2. Exercise
  3. Good nutrition whether you chose wholesome foods or supplements or a combination of both.
  4. Sorting out the billions of bacteria in your gut by getting rid of the bad ones and replacing them with good ones-this is called your Microbiome

Put all four together and your well on your way to reversing heart disease and lowering the internal aging of your body and preventing disease. Fix your gut fix your veins and fix the problem.

I am more than happy to share information with anyone who who want’s to listen. This has been a journey of discovery for fifteen years now for me and I have learned to tap into what the facts are, what works and what doesn’t and how to avoid hype. At the end of the day when you have gathered all the facts you still have in your hands the power of making a decision

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