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The 2013 Chicago Sky Study on ProArgi9+took place right between two studies that were carried out at the High Desert Heart Institute. This first of the three studies was to assess the effect of nitric oxugen therapy using ProArgi9+ on thirty three patients with advanced cardiovascular disease. The second is the Chicago study which is taken direct from my very good friend Dann Hammer and is here for you to read. The third was the effect on lactic acid build up again at the High Desert Heart Institute which was overseen by Dan Austin

The 2013 Chicago Sky Study was coordinated and designed by Danielle Girdano as part of a corporate wellness initiative for the Small Business Advocacy Counsel of Chicago, IL.

The twenty five participants in this study were the corporate staff that oversee the operation of the Chicago Sky Women’s Professional Basketball Team. And, just like most of corporate America they were out of shape and physically and nutritionally in need of a major makeover. The UK population are no better and have one of the worst records in Europe for poor health and obesity.

Danielle used a comprehensive approach of nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle change in a twelve week study.
Central to this study was the use of ProArgi-9+ supplements.

The aggregate results of this study were significantly higher than any previous study conducted by Danielle in the area of corporate wellness.

  • Total Body Weight lost was 76 pounds
  • Total Inches lost was 23.5
  • Body Fat decreased by 3.5%
  • BMI decreased by 1.4
  • Eccentric Constriction which is a reflection of arterial health improved by 62%
  • Remaining Blood Volume which reflects heart efficiency improved by 11.96%
  • Mental Stress decreased by 16.1%
  • Absolute Strength improved by 21%
  • Dynamic Strength improved by 32%
  • Flexibility improved by 19%
  • Equilibrium improved by 50%
  • Balance improved by 60%

This corporate wellness study implemented the D’fine Corporate Challenge Wellness Program designed and coordinated by Danielle Girdano. Because of it’s scientific and mathematical basis, this D’fine Corporate Challenge Wellness Program commonly known as the 2013 Chicago Sky Study was named as a nominee for the 2013 Chicago Innovation Awards and made the Top 100 List.

Click on video to watch a 13 minute overview of the 2013 Chicago Sky Study and how a nitric oxide booster can impact your corporate wellness program.

I am in direct contact with Dan as we collaborate on many projects so please feel free to contact Campbell with any questions you may have.

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