Day 38 of My Journey from 64 to 65 e9 comparison.

Synergy Worldwide has a fantastic energy drink called e9. Not commonly known amongst those who buy the unhealthy sugar laden energy drinks nor athletes including millions of cyclists who prefer the convenience of gels simply because they can squeeze and consume them on the go. But that’s not the only reason. These drinks are so bad for a human being that the makers must spend millions of dollars every year promoting them so that in the end the massed believe that they must be great, what a load of bollocks. Even worse they get a greedy money driven A-lister to endorse them and boom we are caught hook line and sinker. If I put it another way “ I’ve never heard of it so it must be crap” or “ its says so on the telly so it must be good for you”  really, time to wisen up.

e9 when properly marketed has huge potential to create loyal customers.  Especially in a $50 billion-dollar global energy drink market.  As a Synergy Business Owner, we have to take a different approach, one of education and providing facts to individuals who care about their health, lifestyle and performance and what they put in their mouths. Sure, we will never come close to gaining the market share that Red Bull have but we don’t need it. Nor do we want to be a part of an advertising driven market that, who knows, may end up facing massive lawsuits for the damage caused by drinking too much of these “poisons in a can”. Same as the tobacco industry faced and still do.

Here is a chart from The Caffeine Informer showing you the direct competition so that you can see the comparison on how e9 stacks up against the Big 5 and as you can see e9 outperforms all these energy drinks in all categories.

Synergy offer a 90-day money back guarantee on all products. And that even means on your first order you can try and then send back the empty boxes or cartons. Try asking Boots or Holland and Barret to give you that offer ?

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