Day 41 of My Journey from 64 to 65 ProArgi9+ Hughes Center for Research and Innovation

Day 41 and it would be remiss of me not to mention the date 18th September 2021 because 19 years ago on this day my Grandson Harvey was born in the John Radcliffe in Oxford, so a big birthday wish to him and I hope he continues to recover from his brush with COVID-19, hope to see you soon and back to full strength even sooner.

To Harvey
Lots of love from me and Maggi xx

Yesterday I published some information on ground-breaking discoveries that have been achieved by the PHD’s at the Hughes Centre for Research and Innovation. Over the past few years, the work conducted by these scientists has gone unnoticed but that’s starting to change as more and more of us are taking responsibility for our own health and seeking out ways to improve the key elements that make human beings live longer by watching what we eat, drink and search out supplements that actually work. Remember I have already pointed out that 85% of all supplements sold worldwide are not manufactured by the companies that sell them which simply means you as a consumer have no idea what process these products have gone through before you swallow them let alone the purity of the ingredients that appear on the labels. As we all have a choice why not simply look a little harder and dig a bit deeper in these brands before you waste your hard-earned cash on them simply because someone, more than likely paid to say so either recommended them or you seen a TV advert that brainwashed you into believing in them. I will post further information tomorrow about some of the great work being done there and why you should only trust your health with products that are tested and developed using the techniques that are governed by a robust QA program.

Remember Synergy WorldWide offer a 90-day money back guarantee on all products. And that even means on your first order you can try and then send back the empty boxes or cartons. Try asking the likes of Boots, Tesco or Holland and Barret or any of these well-known and trusted brands to give you that offer ? I actually tried it once at an outlet in Gretna Gateway and the look on the sales assistant’s face was a bit like this:

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