1998 Nobel Prize Could it Prevent Heart Disease?

In 1998 the Nobel Prize in physiology and medicine was won by Robert F. Furchgott, Louis J. Ignarro and Ferid Murad

Here we are some 12 years on and only a small number of people world wide are aware that Nitric Oxide, NO, is a short-lived, endogenously produced gas that acts as a signalling molecule in the body. Signal transmission by a gas, produced by one cell, which penetrates membranes and regulates the function of other cells is an entirely new principle for signalling in the human organism. As we age our ability to produce NO depletes and when you combine that with an unhealthy lifestyle you get an indication as to why Cardio Vascular Disease is the number one killer in the world. Or are there a small number of people aware of this? Maybe not.

A common treatment for Angina is a 100 year old explosive and heart medicine, we call them GTN sprays but the spray only gives immediate relief of pain and will not prevent or reverse damage already done, nor will it stop a heart attack according to my GP and my Consultant. the Gas is also short lived as already mentioned. This tells me mainstream medicine does know about NO and I wonder why further research has not been conducted, all we ended up with that I can find so far is a GTN spray and Viagra is there more we don’t know about?

BUT L-Arginine in the correct formulation can increase NO in the human organism and to prove this in 2009 Human Trials were conducted 33 patients who were medically managed to the maximum and for many of them there only hope was to find a donor heart. If you missed a previous post then you can read it by clicking here. Safely helping save lives without having to squirt the same stuff that blows up buildings under your tongue?

I recently heard Prof.Dr.med. Rainer Böger state in public why the L-Arginine therapy uses was so successful the bottom line is that what we use stays in the system for almost 24 hours fact! and another fact is we can test treat and re-test all day long and you can witness the results for yourself.

I will soon post a fact based testimonial here on one 40 year old male who 7 months ago almost collapsed after 9 minutes on a treadmill stress test. On Sunday 3rd October in Warrington UK he ran a half marathon in just under 2 hours, no medication no drugs just a food supplement and the same one used at the High Desert Heart Institute.

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