Author: Campbell Young

Has Skype had a Heart Attack?

Has Skype had a heart attack following the stroke they suffered last month when they launched Version 5 and started biting off more than they can chew during their integration with Facebook?
My Skype went down around 5pm GMT today and after removing V5 which was dumped on me without asking I re-installed version Apart from the obvious death of Skype today the new versions are quite frankly shit.

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Say YES to NO More Heart Disease

“The Cardiovascular Cure”
How to Strengthen Your Self-Defense
Against Heart Attack and Stroke
By John P. Cooke, M.D., PH.D.
(Excerpts from book)

You are only as old as your endothelium. – PAUL VANHOUTTE, Mayo Clinic (1983)

THERE IS magic within us. It is a magic that arises from the genetic code, taking form within the complex interaction between cells and tissue. It is a magic that can lengthen your life, a magic that can be strengthened or weakened depending on how you nourish it. What you do with the magic is up to you.
This book will introduce you to the magic that is inside your blood vessels.

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Is marriage bad for your physical fitness?

The research, which followed nearly 8,900 adults over several years, found that both men and women who got married during that time tended to experience a dip in cardiovascular fitness, as measured by treadmill tests.

In contrast, men who got divorced during the study saw a modest increase in their fitness levels.

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D3 V Cancer V Heart Disease

Hi Folks I need some help here!
I have had a bit of flack this week and you know what? That’s OK! Because when your dealing with health matters, particularly the world’s number 1 killer, heart disease, and cancers people are right to challenge you and I expect that. What is frustrating that all year long this year I and my team have been banging a big drum about what can be done to tackle 17 different forms of cancer including the one that strikes holy terror in to most women, Breast Cancer? Well here’s the answer D3 and guess what? It also supports a healthy cardio vascular system.

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