Day 1 of My Journey from 64 to 65

When I woke up this morning my first thought was “right! this is it, time to change” the motivation lasted all but 5 minutes as the same old “Monday Morning Blues” set in AGAIN!
Looking for inspiration can be a challenge when you feel the way I do having spent what feels like years banging your head off a wall, wasting your time with time wasters, and getting nothing back in return. It can end up being a very deep hole to pull yourself out of, especially if there is no one at the top offering a hand to pull you out of it. As I pushed the on button to turn on my computer the words of the late Steve Jobs soon jumped back into my head “For the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: ‘If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?’ And whenever the answer has been ‘No’ for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.” I think about this often but thinking about it simply is not good enough, making the change is where motivation and inspiration should meet determination and determination is an innate talent and has always given me the drive that I need to achieve a result. Being perfectly honest and this is tough because this is being honest with myself, I simply don’t believe that I have been determined enough of late, certainly not since arriving back from Italy 2018 when I had the opportunity not only to meet Professor Ervin László but to present at The László Institute to the great man and fifty of his peers when my determination was at its highest and with motivation and inspiration in abundance. So, what went wrong? In simple terms I put faith in people that I should not have, and I will leave it at that, for now but this for me is the learning!

When I was a corporate coach with The Coverdale I shared a story with our delegates at the end of our workshops, however only when this story was appropriate to the audience. The story is about a wise old Monk whose reputation was knowledge and after many years he had never once answered a question asked of him and got the answer wrong! A wager in a local inn near the monastery one evening had two young local lads confident they could indeed prove the folklore wrong. One of them was convinced the old monk would know little about football especially from the last century and the other had a question that he knew would be impossible for the old monk to answer correctly.
The time came and the two lads approached the old monk. The first youth said is it really true that you know the answers to everything to which the old monk replied “with age comes wisdom and with wisdom comes the ability to answer everything correctly. With that the first youth asked his question. Who scored the last goal in the last world cup final of the last century to which the old man grinned and said that would be Emmanuel Petit against Brazil in the final match? The first youth looked at his mate and shrugged his shoulders, but his mate knew that what he was about to ask would seize the day and win the bet. He asked the wise old man this; I have a little bird in my hand behind my back, if you can guess which hand the bird is in, I will spare the birds life and let it fly away. However, if you guess wrong, I will break the bird’s neck and it will die. The youth knew that as soon as the monk guessed he would switch the bird to the opposite hand and the deed would be done and the bet would be won. The wise old monk hesitated for a few seconds and said “the answer to this question is obvious young man the fate of the little bird is in your hands”

Like Steve Jobs’ quote this story will help me and I hope you realise that everything we do is in our hands, tomorrow I will start to share what my goals or aims are for this next twelve months.


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And if you do want to watch Petit’s goal its here for you.

1998 WORLD CUP FINAL: Brazil 0-3 France – YouTube