Day 100 e9 ProArgi9+ Phytolife and Mistify Testimonials

Day 100 of My Journey from 64 to 65 e9 ProArgi9+ Phytolife and Mistify Testimonials by Professional Cyclists.

Day 100 so kick it off with some heavyweights who know what they are talking about when it comes to supplements and fierce competition.

  • ProArgi9-Supports the production of Nitric Oxide over a prolonged period, therefore improving circulation and other benefits.
  • Phytolife-Alkalizes the system and supports improved digestion.
  • Mistify-A powerful anti-inflammatory, combats damage from free radicals and prolonged exercise.
  • e9-Natural energy without the spike and crash that sugar and caffeine energy drinks and gels give you so a better, healthier, and prolonged energy boost.

Professional cyclists can never train enough. They train constantly to maintain and build both muscle and endurance. Even a few weeks off the bike can cost them in a race.

Synergy sponsored Swiss professional cycling Team IAM Cycling is finding their footing this season and its riders are frequently claiming podium titles.

Of course, there are crashes, injuries, and failures, too, but these elite athletes continue pushing and digging deep to give their best performances. Many of them trust Synergy products to get them through all of it.

Two IAM Cycling athletes spoke up about their love for cycling and for Synergy products. See what they had to say: Dries Devenyns, Belgium “When at races, the team provides us with a few Synergy products. Most of the time I use Phytolife and Mistify … they give me a good feeling, especially the Phytolife. It helps to maintain the digestive function of the body. We have to eat so much to provide the body with enough energy. It’s a bit like putting oil in a car I would say. The hardest thing about cycling for me is the big stage races that are three weeks long. It’s hard to recover in between the races. Time flies by and in the third week fatigue hits really big. Overall, food is really important to refuel and it’s best to eat good quality food. The vitamins and minerals in Mistify can help a lot.

Quality food is vital for an athlete! Synergy offers great quality products; I would advise anyone to use them. “David Tanner, Australia “There are a few things together that make me love cycling so much—the training side, the racing side and team spirit, the beautiful places we get to see and ride through, and always striving for improvement and excellence. Cycling has its highs and lows. Some days can be so hard with horrible weather and hilly terrain. Others can be a pleasure to ride your bike in. Regardless, we need to keep ourselves healthy and in recovery so that we can keep pushing the next day. I feel the Synergy products assist with this immensely, especially with immune system health. I don’t have a favourite Synergy product because I think they are all good and equally important! For any professional athlete, the quality of nutrition is of upmost importance, not only to assist in health and recovery, but also to assist in peace of mind that the products are clean and safe to take! This is the reason our team chooses to use Synergy products.”  Team IAM are no longer in existence but many of their riders have moved on in the sport and continue to supplement using the finest and cleanest food supplement that money can buy.

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