Day 101 Depression and low energy testimonial

Day 101 Depression and low energy testimonial using Synergy V3 products.

I have countless testimonials on file which I have amassed over the last 12 years or so, however testimonials are only one side of the story and as many of you may not know the FDA clamped down on testimonials in part because some were often exaggerated and with little evidence-based facts to back them up. A thread running through everything I have ever written about Synergy WorldWide and our products is that we can back up everything we claim with facts and in many cases clinical evidence which is why I chose Synergy and Nature’s Sunshine Products ahead of any other supplement supplier by a country mile and more. Remember what works for one person may not for the next as we are all genetically different. The following testimonial is one of my favourites because it’s written from the heart. It is un-edited excuse the language.

I am a 52-year-old woman who has been living half a life for too long. I have to take drugs for epilepsy and have also been on antidepressants for some 14 years or so – for stress caused by working long, long hours in our small hotel. Life had fallen apart – the business sold, marriage broken up, house move, financial worries – I didn’t seem to have a hope in hell at lowering my stress levels but had found myself also in a situation where the SSRI was doing more harm than good, and I was faced with a long withdrawal process and the fear that comes with it.

My enthusiasm for life was zilch – my physical energy was spasmodic  – some days were okay, other days I dragged myself around – I had jobs stacking up waiting to be done, my garden was neglected,   I couldn’t seem to get enough sleep. Mentally I was in a fog – I was struggling to do my job and frightened at what would happen if I got even worse. Emotionally I was a mess – tired, lonely, and scared and wondering where my life had gone. And to add to my woes, for the first time in my life I was starting to look my age – that did wonders for my confidence!

My introduction to Synergy was from a tutor on a training course – watching and listening to this turbo charged woman I couldn’t help myself asking that whatever she was on could I have some.

I received my first Synergy order at lunchtime on the Wednesday – I took the recommended doses of ProArgi9+, Mistify and Phytolife as soon as I opened the box. That night, I swear I could feel the blood coursing through my bloodstream – I could feel my whole body alive. I had three days taking it and it was like coming out of a swamp – I suddenly had more energy and more life about me. Then I was away for a few days and stupidly forgot to take it with me – three days later and I had dropped back down again.

Since getting back home I have been religious about taking it. It is hard to write this without sounding like one of these dreadful TV adverts, but I really do feel as though I have come back to life. Physically I am energised, far more awake and alert, more active, more enthusiastic, some of my physical strength has returned – I feel as though I have a rocket up my arse. I don’t need to take a snooze in the afternoon, and I no longer struggle to get up in the morning.

Mentally I am far more with it.

But it is emotionally that I am appreciating the effects the most. I can now enjoy my own company again, I have started going to a Zumba class – the thought of doing that a few weeks ago was a no-go area, I have become more sociable, and my confidence is returning. I have dropped my SSRI dose to three quarters and have had far less of the withdrawal symptoms experienced by others in a similar situation.

Each area of my life is knocking on to the other, and I am sort of waiting for the bubble to burst – but I just keep feeling better – and it feels so good having been in such a dark place for so long.

I did notice on the literature that the Pro Arginine Plus is approved by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) – it somehow doesn’t seem right that something that makes you feel so good can be legal!

Not only are our products on the WADA approved list they are also now growing in numbers on The Cologne List, feel free to check that out. As I said we are proud to deal in facts and not rhetoric.

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