Day 102 of My Journey from 64 to 65

102 days ago, this started off as my journey from aged 64 – 65 and I have been constantly writing about other people, other companies, well really only one in particular that’s the company found by my very good friend Dan Higginson, Synergy WorldWide and that was way back in 1999 around about the time when Prince was singing about 1999, what a song and what a company Synergy WorldWide are today.

I guess I really need to start this fitness plan, I always knew at my age it would be a “big ask” but if I want to make it to 70 and beyond the time to act is now. My plan is a gentle increase in activity leading up to the festive season and to make sure I hit a daily goal of 10,000 steps and lose at least another 10lbs by Christmas. Then on January 5th with big changes afoot I need to up my game but more of that next month.

In the meantime here is another testimonial using ProArgi9+, Phytolife and Mistify V3 and our meal replacement.

Joan Aged 59

  • Married 2 children
  • Post Menopause
  • Risk of Heart Attack or stroke now the same as a male
  • Approached TUKSL in August 2015
  • Two major health issues
  • Overweight
  • And alarmingly high blood pressure 153/101

In 18 years, Joan has never been able to lose any weight nor, in-spite of medication, regulate her blood pressure. Joan had a BPro screening 12/08/2015 & her CASP was 138 (above abnormal) her BP was 151/87
Started with our meal replacement twice per day and one serving of ProArgi9+
After 4 months Joan had lost almost three stones in weight and continues to lose around 1-2 lbs per week. On the 11th of November she was retested using BPro and these were the results BP 127/80 normalised CASP 111 down 27 points. Joan continues to take V3 to this day and is now 66 years old

Not only are our products on the WADA approved list they are also now growing in numbers on The Cologne List, feel free to check that out. As I said we are proud to deal in facts and not rhetoric.

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