Day 103 of My Journey from 64 to 65

Campbell Young testimonial on why I joined  Synergy WorldWide

I am now 64 years of age, and this post is part of my journey from aged 64 to 65. Not exactly a diary but an opportunity for me to share my experience with heart disease and some of the amazing things I have discovered since my heart attack in 2004.

Here’s a summary of some the headlines:

I spent 16 years at UNIPART, and although it was rewarding and exciting it was also a stressful job with long hours and 48,000 miles a year driving. I remember working out one day I spent a third of my life driving, a third sleeping and a third working.

In March 2004, aged 46 mild heart attack and a month later in April 2004 after a full set of tests I was given the all clear and confined to a lifetime on prescription drugs hmmm I thought then, there has to be a better way.

In my search for a better way then there was nothing or I simply couldn’t find one. Although I had been told by Glasgow’s finest consultants, I was going to be ok, I didn’t trust them but don’t ask me to give a reason other than “gut feeling.” That “gut feeling” turned out to be right!

In 2005 a Private Consultation with a local cardiologist led to an angiogram where I was told the news that I had three blocked arteries two at 95% and one at 55% solution CABG x 3 or triple bypass surgery.

27th July 2005 I had Triple Bypass Surgery at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary, my career was destroyed, and savings made over a 30-year career were all gone.

In 2007 I decided to move to Spain/Gibraltar to rebuild my life and then in June 2008 I had had a phone call about ProArgi9 and was at best sceptical at worst cynical as most Brits are unlike our European neighbours and Americans who are much more open minded about these things. After carrying out my own due diligence I set about writing a business plan to open the Spanish Market based on what I knew at the time, but I only had one purpose then to get my hands on ProArgi9+ and I did and I have been taking the product now for 12 years, my normal dose is two sticks per day. I will share tomorrow some of my factual benefits as well as how this product makes me feel.

Not only are our products on the WADA approved list they are also now growing in numbers on The Cologne List, feel free to check that out. As I said we are proud to deal in facts and not rhetoric.

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