Day 104 of My Journey from 64 to 65

My testimonial on why I joined Synergy WorldWide

Yesterday I talked about the events that led me to finding out about ProArgi9+ and Synergy WorldWide. I’d love to think that it was down to all the research I had been doing from the time of my heart attack but that simply would be true. I remember back in 2004/5 searching for alternatives that could help with heart disease and most of what came up then still appears today. A list of risk factors which includes the usual suspects, high blood pressure, smoking, cholesterol, stress, poor diet, lack of exercise and when it comes to supplements, I remember finding out about garlic, CoQ10 and omega three six and nine. Nothing came close to ProArgi9+ and even then, I failed to stumble across the 1998 Nobel Prize for Medicine.

After my phone call in June 2008, I spent some time conducting my own due diligence on both the company, Synergy WorldWide and ProArgi9+. Part of this included a telephone call with Dan Higginson the founder of Synergy WorldWide and I liked him. My relationship with Dan to this day is one that I value very highly, and I have the utmost respect for Dan and what he stands for.

Dan had told me that in 2009 Human Trials at a Heart Transplant Clinic were going to be conducted and that this was ground-breaking as up until then no clinical studies had been conducted on humans using a food supplement.

On seeing the results of this study in the spring of 2010 I decided to dedicate the rest of my life educating people that there is indeed a better way, a way that I couldn’t find back in 2004 because it simply wasn’t there. In 2004 ProArgi9+ was just an idea and it would be around three years later when it finally arrived on the market.

Personally, I would never recommend that anyone, no matter who they are, either consider or take an l-arginine or nitric oxide producing supplement that has not been either validated, tested to the extent ProArgi9+ is, and with the added knowledge we have from the human study or is clinically proven as two other studies were conducted in 2014 and 2015.

Not only are our products on the WADA approved list they are also now growing in numbers on The Cologne List, feel free to check that out. As I said we are proud to deal in facts and not rhetoric.

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