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Synergy WorldWide-A brief history since 1999

The key Purpose was to create a perfect business model enabling people to attain Elite Health, Residual Incomes and to Live, Love and Leave a Legacy.

  • Wholly owned subsidiary of Nature’s Sunshine Products NSP who are publicly quoted stock reference (NATR)
  • In 1999 Synergy was launched in Japan first to prove itself – if a direct sales company can succeed there, it can succeed anywhere. Yr. 1 sales reached $10m
  • Synergy hit $130 Million in Annual Revenue in 2020
  • Aim to be a $1b company by 2025
  • Most of Synergy’s success has been in Asia and Europe – 96% of sales were overseas. The smaller sales in the US have been primarily from doctors with a customer base
  • There has been no significant business focus or leadership in the UK, Ireland until now and these markets including the USA are considered as ground floor opportunities in these countries. With a company that has already proven itself and is stable (22 years in business)
  • Wholly owned subsidiary of Nature’s Sunshine – debt free, nutrition giant, that is the number one supplement manufacturer in the world. No one has higher standards or sells cleaner supplements than NSP and can be found on Bloomberg
  • Dun and Bradstreet 5A1 credit rating
  • 45 years manufacturing experience and a world class QA programme
  • One of only four health companies to make the FORBES Top 100 listing
  • NSF regulated
  • A company with high ethical standards
  • Great customer service team and hands on support from senior management
  • Medical advisory board-with PHD’s
  • CEO Gregory Probert took Walt Disney from $8m to $34b and was replaced by Terrence Moorhead in 2018
  • Public company NATR– everything is documented and out in the open
  • 51% retention rate, which is 6 times greater retention than the industry average
  • More millionaires per capita than other companies
  • Products that are changing lives
  • You can leave your legacy with this company
  • Corporate listens to and values their team members
  • in May of 2021 Mhari Oakes was appointed as Sales Director for the United Kingdom and Ireland

The greatest asset we have is our people, however our products are pretty close because without them and our subscribers we simply wouldn’t have a business.

Not only are our products on the WADA approved list they are also now growing in numbers on The Cologne List, feel free to check that out. As I said we are proud to deal in facts and not rhetoric.

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