Day 11 of My Journey from 64 to 65 ProArgi9+ testing

ProArgi9+  is tested 262 times.

Synergy WorldWide’s Product Quality Assurance

PRODUCTION AND RAW MATERIALS are sourced and governed by the parent company Nature’s Sunshine who are the custodians of the QA promise. They have four steps to proven quality here is some key information from their web site:

When sourcing our raw materials, we examine the fields and monitor harvesting practices. And inspect cleaning and processing techniques. Even with the trust we have in our partners, we still test our raw materials. Over six hundred different tests help ensure that you get the best.

Made Right, Made for You.

True healing starts with pure, potent, sustainably sourced ingredients, so we go to the source. We examine the fields. Monitor harvesting practices. And inspect cleaning and processing techniques. Each week we produce millions of capsules, tablets, and other products. And we know they are made right because we make them ourselves.

This is their Four Steps to Proven Quality

  1. Raw Material Sourcing

Quality begins at the source, and we scour the world for the finest herbs and natural materials. Our on-site vendor inspections guarantee that only the cleanest, purest material becomes part of our products. We cut no corners and regularly reject raw material that does not meet our exacting standards.`

  1. Formulate for Efficacy

With over 40 years of experience and proven techniques, NSP combines the wisdom of expert formulators with natural health legends to create unique, effective products with proven results. Customers consistently tell us that NSP products work when others fail. Our effective products truly

transform lives and build loyalty as our customers discover improved health and wellness.

  1. Quality In-House Manufacturing

NSP invests millions of dollars annually in Quality Assurance, including state-of-the-art equipment, testing methods and qualified personnel. We develop, manufacture, test and store our products on site in our 200,000 square foot facility, so we are not beholden to outside vendors or companies. Because we control the entire process, we KNOW what is in our products and what is not.

  1. Finished Product Testing

We work meticulously to ensure that the precise amounts of the right parts of the right plant species are included in our formulas. This testing includes HPLC and infra-red analysis of botanical blends and analytical assays for vitamin and mineral label claims. We likewise develop our own testing methods (which tend to be even more thorough than vendor or competitor testing). Some of these are used to measure active herbal constituents whenever we make label claims for botanical extra.

As part of our uncompromising commitment to quality, we use advanced analytical equipment to conduct over six hundred quality and purity tests on our products. Some of these tests include: • Heavy metals • Radiation • Dirt and other impurities • Yeast and mould pathogens • Pesticides and herbicides

The production process is carried out to GMP-NSF-standards; (Good Manufacturing Practice)

The products must not contain any genetically modified ingredients. (Bio-available Ingredients are used)

All raw materials are thoroughly tested and do not contain any traces of fertilizers, metals, pesticides, animal waste or other contaminants.

Synergy WorldWide through our parent company sources only the most active ingredients from the world’s best plant-growing regions.


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