Day 110 cash for kids 2021

Indeed a day that has the emotions running high here in Dumfries where the annual “Cash For Kids” at Christmas Lunch tales place at Easterbrook Hall with one purpose, to raise as much cash as we can during the lunch and of course at various fund raising events across the region.

I’m happy to say that the attendees were very generous and £36,000 was raised during the afternoon. The company was excellent, the entertainment superb and a big well done to the catering team for providing a splendid meal and coping with the current COVID-19 measures to keep us all safe.

1.3 million children under five years old are now living in poverty.

This is what it’s all about and given we are the 6th richest country in the world, how can this be allowed to continue?

Exclusive. Britain’s leading children’s charities are warning that cuts to children’s services, which are having the greatest impact on the poorest, most vulnerable families, risk leaving a “damaging legacy”.

A new report says some councils have cut spending on early intervention by up to 80% in ten years, and many other children’s services have been badly hit too by a combination of austerity and the pandemic.

This programme has been told about children without beds to sleep in or clean clothes to wear living in conditions that make the most experienced support workers weep.