Day 111 getting back on track

For me the past 5 years have been tough, you know that feeling when no matter what you do nothing goes right or whatever you do it simply isn’t good enough. Of course a lot of this is down to mental attitude and I for one never thought I would ever in a million years start to doubt myself. That’s not meant to be arrogant just the way I always used to be, a happy go lucky, fun loving hard worker as I was once cited by an HR Manager at Unipart.  So why have a got the way I am now, probably lots of reasons not least of which has been like all of us trying to cope with this pandemic. I know I grew up in the best years, the sixties and the seventies in a great town called Airdrie. I feel more for the youth of today, kids and teens trying to find out who they are what kind of future they might have against a backdrop of disease, poverty and a planet that’s pretty close to folding in on human life unless we do something now. Sadly that message has been well know for thirty years but even with the doomsday clock at five minutes to midnight, we are still skirting around words and I fear that COP26 promised much and will deliver nothing.

That said and off my chest, I’m not one for quitting and these next few weeks will be about getting back on track, getting a bit more positive, becoming a lot healthier and of course taking a well earned break over Christmas and New Year.  in the meantime below is just one of many you can find on YouTube.