Day 19 of My Journey from 64 to 65 ProArgi9+ Synergy’s Approved Vendor Checklist

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Every time a vendor employee cleans a piece of machinery or an area in the manufacturing facility, someone needs to document who did it and sign off that it was done properly. This is where environmental micro-monitoring comes into play. Going through sanitation protocol doesn’t necessarily make a manufacturing facility clean. The procedures need to be effective. Auditors make sure to survey each area and gauge how successful a vendor’s cleaning procedures are.
Proper documentation is only half of the battle, though. Hammons and her team then proceed to verify that the sanitation reflected in their documents is apparent when inspecting the facility. Often, the first thing the auditing team does when surveying the building is check for soap and hot water in the bathrooms. If soap is nowhere to be found, or water in the sink does not become hot within 15 seconds of turning the spout on, the vendor automatically fails the audit. Hammons has issued a few audit failures on these terms. The auditing team then looks for documentation that proves the vendor’s raw materials undergo proper testing. Documentation from one month ago to over one year ago is requested at random. NSP auditors then inspect the labs and equipment, evaluating their testing procedures’ effectiveness. Many companies don’t consider questioning vendors about their employee training programs, Hammons said. It is safe to assume that if an employee was not trained to follow SOPs, some standard procedures may be carried out incorrectly. Vendors that enforce employee dedication to current Good Manufacturing Practices are more likely to pass NSP audits. Approval and Ongoing Audits After reviewing all the collected information—the initial questionnaire, the sample testing, and the onsite audit—and confirming that all mandatory data was collected, Hammons can add a vendor to the approved list, but only after Research and Development, Quality Control, and Purchasing also provide their signatures of approval. Hammons conducts 40 to 60 onsite audits each year, which includes both old and new vendors. New vendors are required to pass an onsite audit before approval and vendors who passed their first onsite audit are continually audited every two years. Historically reliable vendors are never given benefit of the doubt. They must prove that their ingredients and procedures are consistently on point. Every batch of Synergy product is carefully formulated with the consumer in mind, and this careful formulation begins long before the manufacturing process. Synergy is centred around quality, health, and its consumers, and for this reason its quality assurance teams will never cut corners. Anyone can purchase Synergy products with confidence that they contain the purest ingredients from top-quality vendors.

I am personally 100% confident in the purity and efficacy of ProArgi9+ and as I trust this product to look after my heart and cardio vascular system you can be rest assured when I recommend you try it it’s because it is the only product on the world I would trust with something so vital to my own health and wellbeing.

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