Day 2 of My Journey from 64 to 65

The news today is swinging between a number of stories ranging from, examination results and the usual reports from elated students who are “glad it’s all over.” Those type of statements tell their own story which leads on to mental health in the young and Hussain Manawer reciting his stunning new poem which I will include at the end of this article for you.

Yesterday I talked a little about inspiration, motivation, and determination. Have a particularly good friend and successful businessperson who told me at a conference back in 2010 in Dusseldorf that he owes much of his success to PPDR Passion, Persistence, Determination and Resilience so let us have a very quick look at each one individually so I can share what they mean and how they resonate with me. Before I do this let me say that there are two things that irritate me more than anything which are.

Celebrities using their status to promote any product that we would consume that has little or no scientific evidence to support their claims and make no mistake they do it for the publicity or money or both not the love of the products and my biggest hate is the wanton slaughter of animals for use in bullshit medicine, specifically #RhinoHorn and #Ivory. Heard a question on The Chase a few months back about the number of African Elephants on the planet during the 15th Century, the answer was twenty-six million. The graph starts early in the 20th Century by which time we have lost sixteen million the data speaks for itself.

What really gets to me is that for years now I have been collaborating with a wonderful team and company who manufacture the highest pharmaceutical grade supplements available anywhere on the planet. Products backed by science and evidence based yet the same people who would pour Shark fin Soup and Rhino horn down their throats by the ship load would not give our products a second thought. Why? Those of you reading this can send me your thoughts on twitter my twitter handle is below. To help here are some facts to consider:

  • Products that have been clinically evaluated on humans.
  • Leading choice for Elite Athletes as five of our products are now listed in The Cologne List
  • Eighty-five percent (85%) of all supplements sold globally are not manufactured by the companies that sell them.
  • Our Microbiome Purify Kit (Fix the gut fix the problem) was included in the C4 programme “How Healthy is Your Gut?
  • We offer a 100% 90-day money back guarantee on all our products.

Products that help support your internal physiology as well as an amazing toxin free skin care range and recently added Collagen+ and Collagen+ Beauty.

So back to PPDR

P = Passion if your not passionate about what you are doing do something different.

P = Persistence without being a pest just keep doing what you believe in consistently.

D = Determination – for me means never quitting as quitters never win and winners never quit.

R = Resilience – simply when you get knocked down, keep getting back up and learn from it.

Learning is crucial no matter what age you are, keep it simple and try sticking to this simple little formula.

  • What went well
  • What Challenges were there
  • What will I do different next time

If any of this resonates with you drop me a message.

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