Day 24 of My Journey from 64 to 65 ProArgi9+ Nitric Oxide

The 1998 Nobel Prize in medicine was awarded to three doctors who had discovered that Nitric Oxide is a signalling molecule in the cardiovascular system, the precursor to which is the semi-essential amino acid l-arginine.

What is l-arginine? Arginine is classified as a semi essential or conditionally essential amino acid, depending on the developmental stage and health status of the individual. An essential amino acid, or indispensable amino acid, is an amino acid that cannot be synthesized from scratch by the organism fast enough to supply its demand, and must therefore come from the diet or a supplement such as ProArgi9+

ProArgi9 works by creating Nitric Oxide which helps relax the entire vascular system thereby reducing blood pressure. It also helps to rid the arteries of plaque.

In one very recent study a 61-year-old male had the following measures.

BP 184/116

Central Aortic Pressure which we can measure with BPro (which GPs ignore) 193.2

After just three months on 2 sachets per day his BP fell to 133/80 and

Central Pressure 128.80.

The other effects are that as blood oxygen and blood flow improve over time by using ProArgi9 then this also has a knock-on effect to the health of the other vital organs including the brain.

L-Arginine is a Pre-Cursor to Nitric Oxide (NO) and NO is a signalling molecule in the vascular system it was this discovery that won the 1998 Nobel Prize for medicine which largely has been ignored by Big Pharma because it will destroy the billions $’s they make from Statins and other BP lowering drugs.

The L-Arginine in ProArgi9 is the only one that has been tested on Heart Patients therefore the only one that I would confidently take myself and recommend to others.

Anything on the high street simply does not compare and could be dangerous to use in some cases as the l-arginine used in these products is largely synthetic, the same as is used in most Viagra pills and can be harmful to people who have suffered a heart attack. The l-arginine used in ProArgi-9 plus is elemental (plant based) and safe, I have been taking ProArgi9+ daily it since 2010, 2 scoops a day and I am now 15 years post heart attack and triple bypass surgery.

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