Day 25 of My Journey from 64 to 65 ProArgi9+ Testimonial-Long Covid

One of my closest friends has just sent me information on a product that is being used by Elite Athletes. I could have laughed had this not been so serious. This is product that is new to market, has no track record, no clinical validations and at time of writing I cannot seem to find where this is made and indeed who make it. One thing I can tell you which is 100% accurate is that this product is not on the Cologne List of products that have been tested and evaluated and are listed as safe for athletes to take without the fear of failing a dope test. I love the word dope as the only dopes are the ones endorsing this and the people paying them thousands to do it. It’s almost as mad as Victoria Beckham promoting Moon Water just to get herself more attention. The world has gone mad time to give the finger to inferior products and the celebs who promote them for money yes or yes?

To more important things. Long Covid.

The devastating aftereffects of Covid-19 for many who have survived and lived to tell the tale are spiralling out of control with very little help available for those that need it.

Added to this are people who have the freedom of choice and are refusing to take the vaccination. BUT and this is a very big BUT indeed. If you do refuse the vax #antivaxers you are placing yourself and loved ones in clear and present danger. If you’re waiting for me to now preach for you to get vaccinated, then I am not but you need to be taking clinically validated products that can optimise your immune system to give you at least a fighting chance of recovering from the virus and it’s aftereffects. I am writing this listening to #ITVNEWS and it’s all over it but its one thing to offer support its another being able to recommend a protocol with confined that will support recovery from #LongCovid.

Honestly, I do not have enough facts to hand yet to give you all concrete evidence but with my colleagues, two doctors and The Hughes Centre I hope to start investigation what would be a preferred protocol to help with recovery from Long Covid and if not, a full recovery at least help those walking downstairs in the morning get back up them again without losing breath. Time to give #LongCovid the bird!

#myjourneyfrom64to65 is starting with #PurifyKit #Smartmeal #SynergyWorlWide #ProArgi9+

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