Day 30 of My Journey from 64 to 65 ProArgi9+ L-Arginine a Primer for Its Power?

Part 2
What other studies support this therapy? There are many studies on the effect of l-Arginine on the lining of the artery, the endothelium. The results depend on the structure of the study, the patient population and dosage of l-Arginine used. Nothing works in every situation but in my experience, it works in 99% of the patients I see with vascular disease. It does not change the endothelium in healthy people. It will change it in people who are asymptomatic but who have elevated cholesterol, hypertension, or the impact of metabolism problems due to vitamin deficiencies. Heart failure is a complex situation, but the endothelial dysfunction is improved with l-Arginine. Other conditions include pulmonary hypertension, transplant vasculopathy, tobacco use, type 2 diabetes mellitus, and salt sensitive hypertension. In patients with coronary artery disease, 2 of 4 have shown increased endothelial function, treadmill exercise time and improved symptoms. In peripheral artery disease walking distance improved 76 per cent in two of three studies. And remember, the Nobel Prize in Medicine given in 1998. is lacking is the large, double blind, placebo controlled, long term study that will answer all the questions. L-Arginine is a natural occurring product that cannot be patented. Although many pharmaceutical companies are beginning to try to develop products that have the positive aspects of l-arginine none have yet reach the market. So far, I have become the only long-term study I know having started on l-arginine in 1991 when Victor Dzau introduced me to John Cooke, MD “who will tell you how much you and your patients should take”. It was my time. In 2001 I had another CAT scan of my abdomen just like I had at age 36 that discovered my asymptomatic atherosclerosis. All my atherosclerosis was gone. I had a heart scan to confirm that all the calcium built up in the arteries was gone. None was seen. My score was zero. The following are a few of the works that led to the time of the granting of the Nobel Prize. The subsequent published research will be from PubMed, our National Library of Medicine computerized library that is open to anyone in the world. Twice I was scheduled to speak to the United States Senate – first to be sure there would be no cut in funding and secondly to make it free to the world. I was asked to speak in favour of funding and searches being free to all based on a dramatic use of the Internet and the Library to enable a major clinical turnaround for a patient. I did not go. The Senate did the right thing.
Dr Joe who sadly passed away early last year remains an inspiration to many of us who’s lives he touched and in so doing enriched. Gone but never forgotten.
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