Day 43 of My Journey from 64 to 65 ProArgi9+ Human Studies

I been publishing information recently about ground-breaking discoveries that have been achieved by the PHD’s at the Hughes Centre for Research and Innovation. What I thought would be an idea to highlight the key reasons, or at least some of the most important ones, why I believe so much in ProArgi9+ and Synergy WorldWide as a business.

The number one reason for me was the fact that Synergy WorldWide were prepared to carry out a study on human beings on the effectiveness of ProArgi9+ on a group of heart patients back in in 2019.

I want to share with you again just some of the compelling results during a 90-day period where 7,000 points of scientific data were collected. Maybe then you will understand why I for one, believe so ,much in ProArgi9+ I say I for one but as many as a ¼ of a million people around the world are taking this product and many of them believe in it just as much as me.

You can read what I posted earlier here Human Study.

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