Day 6 of My Journey from 64 to 65 more information on ProArgi9+

What is it most people are looking for today and why is it that only a small percentage get to the top? Sure, if I had been asked those questions ten years ago the answers would be hugely different indeed, why? Ten years ago, social media was only just beginning to gather momentum and some platforms seem to have just disappeared from the radar #MySpace #Chatrooms and not surprising given the problems they caused. #Facebook, #YouTube, #Twitter, #LinkedIn are still mainstream but today #TikTok appears to be about to out do all of them. Wonder what will be next.

Opened up the post with this because my passion is coaching, helping others to succeed as individuals and teams and is something I have been enthusiastic about since the early 1990’s. During a conversation with a close friend yesterday on the subject of coaching for business that what was relevant in the 1990’s may not be the key to coaching today albeit the principles will be the same the content needs to change to develop the high performing teams of the future. This brings me on to our high performing product.

ProArgi9+ now on the Cologne List of Products along with e9.

Why this is important for athletes.

Cologne List® Approved: ProArgi-9+ and e9

Two of Synergy’s most popular Elite Health supplements, ProArgi-9+ and e9, have been published on the Cologne List® after thorough third[1]party analysis. Athletes around the world use the Cologne List® to determine whether a supplement is acceptable to consume while competing professionally in competition. For more information simply click here to download.

#myjourneyfrom64to65 is starting with #PurifyKit #Smartmeal #SynergyWorlWide

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