Day 51 of My Journey from 64 to 65 ProArgi9+ DNA

At 8pm GMT last night Mhari Oakes the Sales Director for Synergy WorldWide launched  DNA testing called My Genetic Body and both test options will include ProArgi9+ as part of the offer and is an extremely generous offer.

“A DNA test and an Energy Pack or a DNA test and a Microbiome Purify Kit, fix the gut fix the problem”.

My Genetic Body

Much has been written for decades about Gene’s versus Lifestyle and whilst there is little, we can do to alter what we are born with there is much we can do to alter our lifestyle to lessen the impact that it might have on our genes. Think about it like this. Genes are like landmines and  your lifestyle is what stands on them and sets them off. Occasionally with catastrophic outcomes. In my case that landmine triggered a mild heart attack back in 2004 and a year later triple bypass surgery repaired the damage. Now I use ProArgi9+ every day to help diffuse those landmines around my heart and cardiovascular system.

What an opportunity this is to get your own map, #MyGeneticBody, to lead you safely through that minefield.

Imagine the day when a DNA test can give you all the information you need about your unique body, to be able to eat the right foods, take the right vitamins and manage your health, naturally. Inflammation is a killer, make no mistake about it and we could be unwittingly fuelling inflammation without even knowing until it’s too late.

That day is today!

Synergy Worldwide is proud to launch MY GENETIC BODY.

A DNA test gives you access to a 200-page health  manual all about you and your health. It is as unique as you are. We are grateful that advances in science have enabled us to do this for you – with the help of our partner lab, Novogenia.

Did you know that it has only been around 20 years since the police first started using DNA to solve crimes? The technology revolutionised the criminal justice system, and now we may be able to do the same for our healthcare system.

With My Genetic Body, your results are based on personalised science. There are no longer a one-size fits all approach to diet, health and nutrition. We are all different.

Whether your goal is to manage weight, improve health, enhance fitness, reduce stress or gain knowledge about your unique DNA, we can help you find the quick wins and leverage your genes to your advantage – whether that’s for overall health, to look and feel better or sporting prowess. And this is what the products in each kit looks like!

Synergy WorldWide’s mission is to transform lives around the world by providing the most innovative and highest quality health solutions. They are the only company in the world to develop a safe way to create the production of Nitric Oxide in the human body safely over an extended period. And now offer a unique DNA test, no other company in the world are as far ahead as Synergy WorldWide in the field of producing the cleanest food supplements in the world.

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