Day 55 of My Journey from 64 to 65 A Vision For Change


A DNA test gives you access to a 200-page health  manual all about you and your health. It is as unique as you are. We are grateful that advances in science have enabled us to do this for you – with the help of our partner lab, Novogenia.

Did you know that it has only been around 20 years since the police first started using DNA to solve crimes? The technology revolutionised the criminal justice system, and now we may be able to do the same for our healthcare system.

With My Genetic Body, your results are based on personalised science. This means you are no longer reliant on a one-size fits all approach to diet, health, and nutrition. After al we are all different.

Whether your goal is to manage weight, improve health, enhance fitness, reduce stress, or gain knowledge about your unique DNA, we can help you find the quick wins and leverage your genes to your advantage – whether that’s for overall health, to look and feel better or sporting prowess.

This is much more than a health MOT and what I really want you to think about is empowerment. This is giving you the ability to take ownership for your own health and of your loved ones. There is no reason why this can’t be the healthiest competition ever created for individuals, teams and families. After all the result could be prevention before intervention in the worried well and the ability to beat your competition for anyone competing, no matter the level you might be competing at.

I was talking about this on Friday with my co-directors at GalloGlas Group. Today everyone can measure almost every single bodily function either via an app on a phone, a watch on your wrist, a blood pressure monitor or tests in a surgery. There are two things that I believe are vital for you to know.

  1. 99% of people when they have results, they don’t know what to do to improve them. They might have ideas and some things will work and some won’t. My Genetic Body will arm you with the information and products that will make a difference to individual health and well-being.
  2. Another vital fact for you to know is that once you are on the “Big Pharma” treadmill of testing for some of the major killers out there including heart disease, I am afraid the damage may have already been done. What you now need is a way to avoid a long-term dependence on prescription drugs at best and at worst the surgeon’s scalpel. I wish I knew what I know now back in 2004.

Synergy WorldWide’s mission is to transform lives around the world by providing the most innovative and highest quality health solutions. Synergy WorldWide are the only company in the world to develop a way to produce Nitric Oxide in the human body safely over an extended period. Their Flagship Product is ProArgi9+.

Our vision for the future at Elite Health Group, in partnership with Synergy WorldWide, has taken a giant leap this week with the launch of My Genetic Body-DNA test. No other company in the world are as far ahead as Synergy WorldWide in the field of producing the cleanest and most effective food supplements in the world.

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