Day 57 of My Journey from 64 to 65 Raynaud’s Disease – L-Arginine

I had a call from my son, Simon, in Singapore today to say that his journey back to better health and fitness is going extremely well and as we were talking on the phone, I remembered just how far ahead countries like Singapore are when it comes to health. Not only are they more advanced in technology they also have a different mindset when it comes to looking at health from a far more holistic perspective than we do here in the United Kingdom. More of this later. One thing I also realised is that my journey back to better health hasn’t really started yet and that’s something I must confront with more positivity than ever. What has this got to do with Raynaud’s? Absolutely nothing as thankfully neither of us suffer from it but there are millions of people who do. So, what is it?

According to the NHS web site which states:


Raynaud’s phenomenon is common and does not usually cause severe problems. You can often treat the symptoms yourself by keeping warm. Sometimes it can be a sign of a more serious condition.

Check if it’s Raynaud’s

Raynaud’s affects your blood circulation. When you’re cold, anxious or stressed, your fingers and toes may change colour. Raynaud’s phenomenon is a common condition that affects the blood supply to certain parts of the body – usually the fingers and toes.

It’s often referred to as Raynaud’s syndrome, Raynaud’s disease or just Raynaud’s.

Other symptoms can include:

  • pain
  • numbness
  • pins and needles
  • difficulty moving the affected area

Raynaud’s is usually triggered by cold temperatures, anxiety or stress. The condition occurs because your blood vessels go into a temporary spasm, which blocks the flow of blood.

This causes the affected area to change colour to white, then blue and then red, as the blood flow returns. You may also experience numbness, pain, and pins and needles.

Symptoms of Raynaud’s can last from a few minutes to several hours.

It’s not a serious threat to your health, but can be annoying to live with, because it can be difficult to use your fingers. People with Raynaud’s often go for long periods without any symptoms, and sometimes the condition goes away altogether.

L-Arginine or more specifically ProArgi9+ may help with Raynaud’s. Here’s a video made by Dan Austin as far back is 2013 which I hope you find worth watching.

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