Day 61 ProArgi9+ and Say Yes to NO (Nitric Oxide)

Say Yes to NO (Nitric Oxide)

Some further abstracts from the brilliant John P. Cooke, M.D., PH.D. “The Cardiovascular Cure”

NO’s Contribution to Cardiovascular Health THE NOBEL laureates won their prize for discovering that NO is a potent relaxer of blood vessels. But since this landmark finding, we have learned much more about how NO contributes to cardiovascular health. We have also learned how to improve the production of this lifesaving molecule through nutrition and lifestyle changes. Based on the work of many research groups, including my own, we now know that when someone has heart disease or risk factors for heart disease, their endothelium is impaired. When the endothelium is not healthy; the vessel constricts and, over time, the vessel wall thickens. Blood cells are more likely to stick to the vessel, and this accumulation may lead to the formation of a blood clot or the development of atherosclerotic plaque. However, when the endothelium is healthy; it releases NO, which relaxes the blood vessels, prevents cells from sticking to the vessel wall, and prevents the vessel wall from thickening. A healthy endothelium is like Teflon, a non-stick surface that enhances the flow of blood. By contrast, an unhealthy endothelium is like Velcro, with white blood cells and platelets sticking to it. Together, NO and its sister molecule prostacyclin act together to maintain the vessel in a relaxed state and to prevent the development of blood clots and plaque. What exactly does NO do for your blood vessels? NO opens blood vessels and keeps them relaxed. To keep your circulatory system as healthy as possible, you will want your blood vessels to be as relaxed and pliable as possible. NO is the strongest natural relaxant of blood vessels. By causing blood vessels to open up, NO increases blood flow through them. As a cardiologist I have several vasodilating drugs that I can administer to my patients. I use these drugs to improve blood flow and to lower blood pressure. But by ensuring that your body makes NO on its own, you have a natural vasodilator right in your own body: Like nitro-glycerine, NO acts on the blood vessels immediately: NO prevents atherosclerosis. NO is a natural substance that protects us from hardening of the arteries. It does this by preventing platelets (particles in the blood that form blood clots) and white blood cells from sticking to the vessel wall. NO also reduces the production of free radicals, which can cause your vessels to age rapidly. NO also suppresses the abnormal growth of vascular muscle cells, which can thicken the vessel. All these processes-the sticking of blood cells to the vessel, the production of free radicals, and abnormal cell growth–contribute to atherosclerosis. By halting these processes, endothelium-made NO is your body’s strongest self- defence against heart attack and stroke. NO can prevent hardening of the arteries and even reverse it. This process may take some time and is one of the long-term benefits of NO. THE LAST few years have been exciting for me and for other scientists working in this area of vascular medicine. We have uncovered many secrets of the body and the blood vessels. However, it is even more gratifying for me to use these secrets to enhance vessel health. It is important for people to learn how to enhance the healing power within-and to benefit from the body’s natural defence against heart attack and stroke. It is for this reason that I created the program for endothelial health, an evidence-based, scientifically designed diet, exercise, and nutritional supplement program. Based on the research of the Nobel laureates, my laboratory; and many others, the endothelial health program is designed to stimulate the natural mechanism within our bodies that can fight vascular disease of all kinds, including peripheral artery disease, coronary artery disease, and stroke.

Can NO help you? The answer is yes-by helping to keep your vessels relaxed and open and by preventing atherosclerosis.
It is never too late to learn about the power of NO. I have seen people with very unhealthy blood vessels become healthier.
The endothelium can be repaired. Atherosclerosis can be reversed. blood vessels in healthy cells don’t stick, clots don’t form, arteries don’t harden, and you won’t die of a heart attack or stroke. The cardiovascular cure is a healthy endothelium. This is certainly promising news for all of us. If you would like a copy of the full abstract, please contact me via the web site or below. And!

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