Day 68 ProArgi9+ Nitric Oxide and V3

In my early days with Synergy WorldWide we only had three products. Our flagship ProArgi9+ based on the 1998 Nobel Prize, Liquid Chlorophyll, now renamed Phytolife,  another product based on the 1915 Nobel Prize and Mistify. We referred to them as V3 and our strap line was Build Boost and Circulate.

Today I want to share some information on Mistify which is called Mistica in the U.S.A.

Firstly, what is Mistify?

Mistify is a drink packed full of tropical goodness and is a highly antioxidant berry juice supplement.

The Ingredients of Mistify are: Acai berry, elderberry, pomegranate, blueberry, green tea, goji berry, raspberry, grape seed extract and cranberry.

The benefits of supplementing with Mistify

  • Protects from free radical damage – 43% reduction in 3 week
  • Reduction in the ageing process of the skin
  • Significant improvement in oxidative damage
  • Supports the immune system
  • Natural anti-inflammatory and pain suppressant
  • Protects the cellular membrane and DNA
  • Supports cardio and digestive tract health

Mistify Facts

  • 30ml of Mistify provides the antioxidant protection of 3.5kg of fruit
  • Acai berry has the highest protection value against free radicals ever recorded in a fruit
  • High in fibre
  • Generous amounts of vitamins and minerals, including calcium, magnesium and zinc
  • Take 30ml (2 tbs) once or twice a day
  • Mistify should be part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle

In a blind independent test carried out at The New Brunswick Laboratories in Canada, Mistify outperformed every single other berry drink on the market in the following four categories:

  1. Mistify number one product Orac Comparison
  2. Mistify number one product Phenolics Comparison
  3. Mistify number one product Anthocyanin Comparison
  4. Mistify number one product Catechins Comparison


In his best-selling book The Perricone Promise, internationally known natural health expert Dr. Nicholas Perricone lists 10 super foods that can help you look younger, feel better, and promote long life. Dr. Perricone was so impressed with the Brazilian Açaí berry, he put it at the top of his list!

He calls the Brazilian Açaí berry, “one of the most nutritious and powerful foods in the world.” No other fruit can claim the extraordinary combination of antioxidants, amino acids, anthocyanins, and essential fatty acids than the Brazilian Açaí Berry and is why Oprah Winfrey lists it as the #1 Superfood on her website.

Articles extolling the virtues of açaí have appeared in the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Men’s Journal, Health Sciences Institute, New York Times and Time Magazine.

Synergy WorldWide manufacturers Mistify/Mistica and is a division of Nature’s Sunshine Products (NSP), a highly respected company in the herbal-health industry.
Nature’s Sunshine is a debt-free industry giant.
In 2002, Nutritional Outlook magazine selected NSP as Supplement Manufacturer of the Year. Synergy WorldWide is a world leader in health, anti-aging, and wellness products. Almost twenty tears on they are considered as industry leaders in the production of the cleanest food supplements in the world today.

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