Day 69 Anti-Inflammatory and Mistify

Yesterday I introduced Mistify and V3 to the ProArgi9+ story. Today I just want to look into Mistify in a bit more detail and explain why this is a vital part of the V3 system. First of all, the V in V3 stand for vital so Vital three products. However, that’s just a simple terminology we used in the early day to identify this group of products and most of us still use this terminology today and why not. After building immune systems is paramount today with COVID-19, Boosting your wellbeing and health and improving your circulation with ProArgi9+ has to be good for human physiology. Yes, or yes?

The late Dr, J. Joseph Prendergast whom I had the utmost admiration for, delivered a fantastic seminar on  two of the V3 products fourteen years ago. This is what he had to say about Mistify.

The world’s first fully matrix’ d anti-oxidant functional beverage.

Why is this so vital to our health?

  • Antioxidants to help counter cell inflammation and premature aging.
  • Anthocyanins to support the cardiovascular system. And scored higher than any other drink on the market competing for the same space.
  • Essential fatty acids to aid in digestive tract function.
  • Phytosterols to help maintain normal cholesterol levels.
  • Amino acids for enhanced muscle activity.

The effect of Mistify Consumption on Oxygen Free Radical Damage.

A 3-week study using the OxiScore™ Test a urine test.

By adding two daily servings of Mistify, the average reduction of free radical cell damage among all participants was an amazing 43%

Mistify is the o Only Matrix Antioxidant approved by a Medical Association (AHMA)

 AÇAÍ – Has been cited as THE MOST POWERFUL SUPERFOOD IN THE WORLD! And Mistify the best beverage money can buy.

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