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Dr. Joe Prendergast on Vitamin D

Vitamin D3 Dr Joe Prendergast, M.D. of the Endocrine Metabolic Medical Center speaks on the benefits of Vitamin D. I think it ironic that professionals like the late Dr Joe Prendergast already had so much knowledge about the benefits of vitamin D3 that its taken the Covid-19 pandemic to get the media talking about it and the NHS recommending supplementing with it.

There appears to me to be a cowardly approach in mainstream medicine to take a real serious look at alternatives to tried and tested pharmaceutical drugs to treating some of the biggest killers in the world and Covid-19 doesn’t come close to killing the numbers that die every year from Cardiovascular disease. The last time I looked in 2020 it was around 17million per annum. Even Dr Joe in the video below states that research is slow regarding Vitamin D3 and I believe that across mainstream medicine not enough questions are being asked let alone answered.

Here’s some comments which you can find below his video on YouTube which was first published in March 2007.

  • Thanks Dr. Joe , you are the only doc that promotes higher dose vitamin D intake. I am using vitamin D for reversing psoriasis and so far, so good.
  • I take 10000 IU of Vit D daily, and just do not get colds/flu anymore. My son takes 5000 IU daily, and his asthma symptoms have decreased.
  • I’m finding that large doses of Vitamin D are having the same beneficial effects on my Blood Pressure as Metoprolol (a common BP medication).
  • I’m in awe. I don’t even know what to say. This Dr. is amazing. My stepmother sent me this video and I’m so thankful for her 🙂 Just got 5000 IU’s of vitamin D3 and I’m going to start taking them.
  • From a Nurse: Pendergrast, Thank you! I encouraged a former student of my aunt to take large doses of Vitamin D to reverse a diagnosis of terminal colon cancer. Four cancerous tumours dissolved without chemotherapy and radiation with B17 and Vitamin D. I gave instructions to stop eating meat, sugar, and chemically processed foods. I read the before and after reports! All four tumours dissolved in five weeks! I watched your video and you encouraged me to help humanity with your Vitamin D story on this video!
  • I’m a PA. We go through medical school no different than MD’s, just a shorter duration in school 3:4 ration time wise. We then get on the job training. They do a residency. We are not taught jack about preventative medicine. There is absolutely no connect b/w the body-mind-spirit. Everything is very mechanistic and linear. If something doesn’t generate money, it is never considered real medicine. This is the basis. So, it’s not like most MD’s are lying, they just don’t know better.

This last point kinda sums up how I feel. I would also add that not only do most GP’s not know better, but they are also governed here by the BMA and dare not recommend anything that the BMA had not approved, that’s what I’m told maybe I am wrong and I believe it’s something they need to review given the advances in alternative therapies, supplements and DNA testing. How many times have you heard someone claim that their must be a cure for Cancer it’s just that the powers at be, however they are, don’t want us to know about it. I know one thing though more money is made from Cancer than there are people suffering from it.

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Dr. Joe Prendergast on Vitamin D on YouTube


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