Day 78 Vitamin D3 In the news

Vitamin D3 In the news today 25th October 2021

I’ve kinda became accustomed to doing this in part because it’s a fun thing to do and also, I think it’s a responsible part of my research to try and find out who’s saying what about the products and diseases that I study. If nothing else it keeps my mind away from mainstream news, especially this week when we have a budget looming and a load of people in power that don’t seem to have a clue what to do next about the #Pandemic, now there’s a surprise!

Alas dominating Google today appears to be web sites that are using D3 and keyword surrounding it to drive traffic and lots of old news ranging from Sunlight Exposure Guidelines May Need to Be Revised to Vitamin D may not provide protection from COVID-19 susceptibility or disease severity, study suggests and goes on to say “Observational studies have suggested that increased vitamin D levels may protect against COVID-19. However, these studies were inconclusive and possibly subject to confounding.”

I did find this headline dated October 8th, 2021- Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Increased Risk for SARS-CoV-2 Infection, COVID-19 Severity and Death. I’m sure if you Google it, you will find it. In the early days of the pandemic the worst effected European country was Italy and I remember reading some news which originated in Singapore that the deaths came from primarily older people and I high percentage had shown to have Vitamin D3 deficiency.

This information I have no doubt let to many people in prominent positions jumping on the D3 bandwagon and also the NHS here recommending that we supplement with it.

The fact is that over the past few days I have shown again that research into the benefits of D3 has been slow and it appears to be that only when we are faced with a crisis that the professionals begin to #lookharder now that’s a hashtag I have been trying to get trending for about five years now and all it got me was kicked out of some Facebook Groups, why I challenged the status quo and people didn’t like it. But this is my blog and within reason I can say whatever I like without being kicked off it.

I thought I would share this as again an important video which has had hardly any views in over twelve years! 1042 since the 4th of August 2009. Yikes!

You know Vitamin D influences health. But did you know that there are two types of Vitamin D? Or that laboratories use different testing platforms to measure the vitamin? In “Vitamin D Testing — Why it Matters, How it’s Done,” experts from Quest Diagnostics and Harbor UCLA Medical Center provide an overview on Vitamin D and how two common testing technologies measure levels of the vitamin in the body.

This is an eight-minute discussion regarding Vitamin D and Vitamin D testing. The discussion participants are Wael Salameh, MD and Richard Reitz, MD – both from Quest Diagnostics – and Ronald Swerdloff, MD, Professor of Medicine, UCLA, Chief of Endocrinology, Harbor UCLA Medical Center

 Lastly Vitamin D3 In the news today 25th October 2021-There is none.

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