Day 79 Scientists Are Testing Nitric Oxide to Treat Coronavirus Patients

Scientists Are Testing Nitric Oxide to Treat Coronavirus Patients

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about Nitric Oxide Nasal Spray’s as a first line defence against COVID-19 which sounded a promising as I know from personal experience using Vicks First Defence that it has worked very well for me when I catch a cold. That said many of the sprays that emerged onto the market in the middle of 2020 were soon pulled from sale because there simply wasn’t enough evidence to suggest they were effective.

Around about the same time I seen a mews article on ITN about this the following report was published by Ed Cara. On the 2nd of April 2020.

Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital and elsewhere are about to evaluate whether inhaled nitric oxide can keep covid-19 patients from getting sicker.

Scientists in Massachusetts, Italy, and elsewhere are experimenting with a familiar medical treatment for the new problem of covid-19. They’ve begun clinical trials meant to find out whether inhaled nitric oxide can save people who are severely sick from the new coronavirus. This treatment might even be used preventatively to keep health care workers infection-free.

Italy is not surprising as this was the first country in Europe to report staggering numbers in the earlier days of the pandemic and later confirmed that many of the people who lost their lives had deficiency in Vitamin D3, not the only contributing factor but significant enough for it to be reported.

Coming back to the report and Nitric Oxide (NO).

Nitric oxide, or NO, is a key part of our biology (and not to be confused with nitrous oxide, aka N2O or laughing gas). It helps our blood vessels dilate, speeding up blood and oxygen flow around the body. For decades, nitric oxide has also been repurposed by doctors to relieve blood pressure in the pulmonary arteries of oxygen-deprived patients whose lungs have failed. These clotted arteries make it harder for the lungs to process oxygen, even when it’s being supplied by a ventilator. This use of nitric oxide was first tested out in blue-faced new-borns in the 1990s, becoming an FDA-approved therapy in 1999; it’s since been expanded to other groups of patients.

“About a half-million Americans have breathed in NO. Mainly adults with cardiac surgery and various things and, of course, 30,000 babies a year,” Warren Zapol, the emeritus anaesthetist-in-chief at Massachusetts General Hospital and a professor at Harvard Medical School, told Gizmodo by phone this week.

Many people who contract covid-19 suffer no more than a bad cold, but severe cases can develop acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), a frightening and deadly condition. The lungs of people with ARDS become flooded with leaked bodily fluid, cutting off their oxygen supply and effectively drowning them. Though interventions like invasive ventilation can save someone with ARDS, it remains a grim prognosis, as septic shock and organ failure often follow. ARDS isn’t just risky for covid-19 patients, either—the needed life-saving interventions can expose health care workers to concentrated, aerosolized doses of virus from a patient.

An interesting point in the report is that nearly two decades ago, scientists in China found evidence that suggested the gas itself could kill or inhibit the growth of the SARS coronavirus in patients, while other scientists found the same pattern in the lab. Because covid-19 is caused by a coronavirus closely related to SARS, called appropriately SARS-COV-2, they’re hoping this same trick will work against it. If you would like to read the full article click here.

Like D3 research into safe nitric oxide therapy either ingested or inhaled has been awfully slow. I for one am convinced that there is more to this miracle molecule, and we are not being told the truth.

I have a copy of a study conducted in 2009 at a major heart transplant clinic in the USA where 7,000 scientific points where measured, the outcomes for those participating was nothing short of a major breakthrough. After all the discovery of Nitric Oxide and what it does by three PHD’s earned them The Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1998. The product used was Synergy WorldWide’s flagship product ProArgi9+ clinically proven and tested 262 times for efficacy, potency and purity making it one of the cleanest and most effective methods for safe Nitric Oxide Therapy when ingested after being mixed with water.

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