Day 8 of My Journey from 64 to 65 from l-arginine to ProArgi9+ Dr J. Joseph Prendergast

I would like to an article given to me by the late and renowned Dr J. Joseph Prendergast who sadly passed away in January last year. I had the privilege of speaking with Dr Joe by telephone shortly after arriving back in the UK following my son’s wedding in Jamaica in 2009. Then all I wanted was to know more about ProArgi9+ and I will never forget his opening line to me he said “young man I know you’re worried and a little sceptical about ProArgi9+ but I’m going to blow some wind into your sails. At the time the article below was sent to me Dr Joe was very much alive and I have neither any notion nor right to alter it in any way whatsoever. At the time he was a key member of Synergy WorldWide’s advisory board.

Dr J. Joseph Prendergast

Dr. Joe is an expert in arginine and passionately believes in its ability to enhance health. Arginine is an essential amino acid that has been studied for more than 50 years. In 1998, three American scientists won the Nobel Prize for the discovery of the role that arginine plays in the production of nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide dilates the blood vessels, helping them relax and restore elasticity. Arginine is also important in cell division, immunity, and the secretion of hormones.

Dr. Joe’s vision and experience will be tremendously useful in helping us launch exciting new products and innovative health-related technologies. Welcome aboard, Dr. Joe!

Dr. Joe is a true renaissance man with significant work in many fields. He is an accomplished scientist, researcher, and humanist and has been a practicing physician for over 35 years. During that time Dr. Joe has empowered countless patients in the art of self-care. Dr. Joe believes in the power of the individual and has spent his career helping people manage their own health.

Dr. Joe emphasizes a whole-body approach to health and understands every facet of wellness, including healthy eating, the importance of exercise, the value of nutritional supplements, and the often-overlooked emotional aspect of health.

Since 1991, Dr. Joe has been personally using arginine and recommending it in his medical practice. “Arginine benefits the body in a myriad of ways,” says Dr. Joe. “We have now learned more about how arginine uses the two natural pathways into the brain to promote anti-aging properties, sports performance, and boost the immune system. Because arginine promotes healthy blood flow, it can also benefit human sexuality. We can’t ignore the power of arginine any longer!”

Although you can get arginine from many types of foods, including meat, shellfish, and legumes, the average daily intake of arginine usually only meets the body’s basic requirements for tissue repair and cell maintenance. “Arginine supplements provide much more of the amino acid available to your body for its many other purposes,” Dr. Joe says.

Dr. Joe is board-certified in internal medicine as well as endocrinology and metabolism. A graduate of Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, he completed a fellowship in endocrinology and metabolism at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit and his research fellowship at the University of California, San Francisco.

Dr. Joe is passionate about research and service to those unable to access quality care in all levels of society. He is the author of over forty medical articles in well-known publications such as the Journal of the American Medical Association, The New England Journal of Medicine, and Diabetes Care. Dr. Joe recently received a certificate of recognition from the American Medical Association for demonstrating outstanding commitment to eliminating health care disparities in the area of access.

Dr. Joe has recently published his first book The Uncommon Doctor: Dr. Joe’s Rx for Managing Your Health, which reveals the secrets of preventive medicine and helps readers design a strategic wellness program.

Later and more recent research and articles have been written by not only Dr Joe but many other arginine experts who have gone on record to say that arginine alone is not effective unless it is combines with the synergistic ingredients found in ProArgi9+ which is one of the key facts as to why ProArgi9+ is the only l-arginine supplement to consistently appear in the Physicians’ Desk Reference since 2014.

Thank you for all you done Dr Joe you are sadly missed by many.

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