Day 80 Why I Believe in Nitric Oxide Therapy

Why I Believe in Nitric Oxide Therapy

The essence of your life is found in your blood. And anything that inhibits blood flow will decrease your health.

So, what does Nitric Oxide Therapy have to do with blood flow? Everything!

In 1998 the Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to 3 American researchers for discovering how the lining of your vascular system (endothelium) converts the amino acid L-Arginine into Nitric Oxide – the master signalling molecule of your entire cardiovascular system. One of these researchers wrote a book called NO More Heart Disease. That researcher is Dr. Louis J. Ignarro. and as you can clearly see by the subtitle on his book, “Nitric Oxide Can Prevent – Even Reverse – Heart Disease and Strokes”
In the introduction to his book he goes on to say, “My colleagues, Ferid Murad and Robert Furchgott, and I had discovered ‘the atom’ of cardiovascular health – a tiny molecule called nitric oxide. NO – as it is known by chemists – is produced by the body specifically to help keep arteries and veins free of the plaque that causes stroke and to maintain normal blood pressure by relaxing the arteries, thereby regulating the rate of blood flow and preventing coronaries. Heart Attacks also known as  Myocardial Infarctions. Nitric oxide is the body’s natural cardiovascular wonder drug.”

Some conditions related to Heart Attacks:

  • Coronary Artery Disease A condition where the major blood vessels supplying the heart are narrowed.
  • Heart Failure A progressive heart disease that affects pumping action of the heart muscles.
  • Angina Chest discomfort or shortness of breath caused when heart muscles receive insufficient oxygen-rich blood.
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest – A condition where the heart suddenly stops beating. The most recent high profile event was Christian Eriksen the Danish Footballer who collapsed shortly before the end of the first half in their match against Iceland this year.

Along with my great friend and colleague Dan Hammer we wrote the e-Book, Empower Your Heart With Breakthrough Nitric Oxide Therapy, to be absolutely fair Dan did most of the writing and I helped him with editing and preparing it for the UK English speaking market as Dan is based in Chicago Illinois.

The e-Book spans 18 Chapters and its contents cover:

1. Why I Believe in Nitric Oxide Therapy
2. What is Nitric Oxide
3. Two Primary Pathways
4. The Importance of L-Citrulline
5. Other Key Ingredients
6. How Nitric Oxide Therapy Addresses
a. Blood Pressure
b. Diabetic Complications
c. Sexual Function
d. Cognitive Function
e. Wound Healing
f. Athletic Performance A must read no matter what level you are competing at.
7. The Million Lives Project
8. Our product of Choice
9. About Me which you can click on now to read my own personal journey.

If you would like a free copy of this e-Book just send me a message on here or when the chat box pops up with your name and email address and I will forward it on to you with pleasure.

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