Day 82 ProArgi9+ Case Study

ProArgi9+ Case Study Mr. Ian White and Nitric Oxide Therapy.

Over the last few months, I have been writing a lot about Nitric Oxide Therapy and Synergy WorldWide’s award winning and clinically proven ProArgi9+. This is our product of choice for safe and effective Nitric Oxide Therapy.
Time to share a testimonial, one of my favourites because I was directly involved with it over a seven-month period including testing and evaluation. This was only one of many successful trials we carried out at the time when I was living in Spain and working in Gibraltar with the Pharmacist Louis Calvente.

Ian’s story.

Age 50

General Manager with 28 years’ experience in Construction Management and Civil Engineering


1998 – SOME BACKGROUND INFORMATION  I used to be very fit and active, love taking part in all sports, will give anything a go  however, when I was working out in the middle east, I was badly bitten by sand flies which retreated into Chronic Fatigue & ME  I was sleeping 22 hours a day and could barely walk  off work for 9 months then a further 9 months part time  luckily I was included on a treatment programme at the Royal Liverpool hospital with 120 other patients and  through medication and a cardiovascular aerobic programme I got my body and my health back on track  but every day was a battle, balancing life and work, a real battle.

Then 10 YEARS LATER – July 2008 I was introduced to Proargi9 Plus by Mr. Campbell Young, the author of this blog and someone I should have listened to really, having suffered a heart attack and then recovered from a triple heart bypass operation in 2004/5… but I did not listen. I first met Campbell back in 2002, we became close friends and like many of his friends and family we were shocked when he was struck down with a heart attack in March 2004.

January 2009 – BUPA I had a full medical and aerobic fitness health check with Bupa, it cost £750, and this showed I had an aerobic fitness level of a 60plus year old. You could say a bit of a wakeup call AT THE GRAND OLD AGE OF 44. So, I started some light jogging and I suppose a start stop approach to using the ProArgi9+ until 2010

March 2010 – WHEN I BCAME VERY ILL AGAIN. I was screened for the first time using a BPro device which reconfirmed I had the arteries of a 60 to 70yearold, ANOTHER BIG REALITY CHECK!! I went straight to my GP who then fast tracked me to see a cardiologist at the local hospital, where I ended up collapsing after 9minutes on a treadmill test and thus I was put straight on beta blockers, I also started running but most IMPORTANTLY I went straight onto ProArgi9+. EVERY DAY WITHOUT FAIL, NEVER MISSED A DAY. I would also add that I came off the beta blockers after 6weeks due to side effects

October 2010 – 7 MONTHS LATER on the 3rd of October 2010 I ran a ½ marathon in 1hour 47mins. My second and follow up screening showed I now have the Cardiovascular System of a 30 to 40yearold and I NOW TOTALLY believe in the Synergy products. They have RECOVERED my health again and I am fitter and healthier than I have ever been as a bonus I now get all MY Synergy products for FREE, FREE thanks to the fantastic Synergy business and rewards.

Finally, to everyone reading, THIS WAS MY BIG REALITY CHECK – Do not Wait You have Nothing to lose – Give yourself a chance and at least try the Products REMEMBER there is a 100% Money Back Guarantee And that is my STORY

What has happened since 2010. I changed jobs and went to work in Morecambe, I then changed jobs again in 2019 and moved to Dubai, but one thing that has not changed is my belief and love of not only ProArgi9+ but also e9 and Mistify which are part of my regular regimen of supplements. Lastly, I am looking forward to using #MyGeneticBody and having the full DNA test as over the years I have heard so many different opinions about my health it will be brilliant to get the facts and the truth once and for all.

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