Day 84 Synergy WorldWide Product Testimonial

Synergy WorldWide Product Testimonial

A testimonial from a drug addict, I have had this on file for a few years now and often wonder how Sarah is doing. In respect of her privacy, I have omitted her surname and changed the names of anyone else referenced in her story. As the featured picture shows, all she wanted was to break free.



I started taking drugs at a young age, from when I was in school. I never had confidence to talk to people and I was always looking for that feeling of confidence. I thought I had found it in drugs. At the start they made me feel happy and they gave me energy, which was until my life went out of control and the drugs were controlling me. When I started using heroin it made me feel good inside, until I woke up one day and didn’t have it and my body went into withdrawal. I was so scared I didn’t know what withdrawals were or what was happening to my body, all I know is that I was in a lot of pain, I had stomach cramps, muscle spasms, headache, diarrhoea and much more, but these were the worst and so were the shooting pains going up my back and down my legs, I couldn’t walk. I was sweating so badly, and there was a horrible smell of heroin coming out through me, it was horrible.

I had to keep taking the heroin every single day to be able to function and get out of bed. I did some bad things while I was using so that I could feed my habit, things I will always be ashamed of,  my family stopped talking to me. My friends that weren’t on drugs stopped coming around me and I ended up on the streets for 2weeks until an abandoned car and I slept in that for a while. I knew I needed to stop but I was after doing rehab three times already and I still went back using. My tolerance got so high in my last year of using that I ended up injecting, I thought I was meant to live like that, and I deserved it, I didn’t think there was a way out of it, and I was going to die on the streets.

I begged my mam to take me back, but she wouldn’t as my mother has been on the receiving end of me when I was sick and had no drugs in me. I can be a very nasty person and very selfish. I begged my dad and I told him that I was off everything and that I was doing well, so he let me back in, but I started using him for money when he had no money of his own. I would only talk to him if I wanted money or needed something. My looks had changed so much I was down to 7stone in weight, my skin was a horrible grey colour, and my hair was a mess. I never washed myself and didn’t care anymore either.

Then my dad got  a drugs counsellor  to see me as he knew there was something wrong with me, I didn’t look well at all. The minute I saw my counsellor I broke down, I had come to the end and needed help. He just looked at me and said what can I do? I begged him to get me tablets from the Doctor, but he wouldn’t do it. There was no other way I could go through withdrawals without them, I had tried so many times. He said to me “look I have some stuff in the boot of my car if you want to try it, it’s natural.”  Now when he said that I shut down straight away, there was no-way I was even going to try it, he must be mad, how would natural stuff help me? No way, I was so angry at him for even asking me, then I looked at my dad and he was devastated. In the end after an intense argument, I said I would take it just to shut them up, for my dad really. My dad was going out on the Sunday night, and I saw my opportunity to get drugs because I didn’t even want to let myself go as far as two days without it to see if this natural stuff did work, for fear – it didn’t. after using again, I started taking Synergy products properly just to cover my tracks. Following a urine test which I failed my father was so angry and disappointed in me and then he rang the counsellor, and he came straight over to ask me “why did you do it Sarah?” (take is again) I told him I was afraid to see if the products worked or not because of the withdrawals. I didn’t want to let it go too far in case they didn’t work, but my dad came in and said “Sarah, you have no choice now because you are not moving from that couch and I’m staying right here beside you

So, in the end I started taking the Synergy products properly and my dad sat with me or acted as my guard. I couldn’t move with him watching me, but I know that he was only doing it for my own good.

On the Friday it would have been two days without anything in my system when I should usually be going mad with pain, screaming to get out of the house and breaking things, but instead I was sitting on the couch having a laugh with my dad. I was sweating a little bit, but it was bearable, I couldn’t believe it. My counsellor called to see me, and he couldn’t believe how I looked after only two days. I was waiting for the withdrawals to kick in, they didn’t and on day three I woke up starving I was so hungry I cooked a big fat steak for breakfast.

I hadn’t eaten for weeks before that and I couldn’t get over what was happening. I was meant to go back into a rehab home on the Friday but there was no bed, however I felt that I didn’t need to go in anymore. I was up having a shower and getting dressed on the fourth day and by the fifth day I had the energy to blow-dry my hair and I have a thick head of hair again. I really couldn’t get over all this. I had gone through the withdrawal stage without actually having withdrawals and without using drugs.

I have been clean ever since starting these products and I get no cravings, I have unreal energy now, I go for a four mile walk in the mornings…well I haven’t been in the last week as I now have a new job.

Synergy WorldWide has given me my life back and also my family. Not only that, but the support also I have within the business from all of the people involved is second to none. I know I can ring if I were ever down, and they would be there for me. I call them my second family because that is what they are to me. Sarah.

In the USA Dan Hammer and many other Synergy Business Owners refer to this as Our Synergy family and across the globe in 29 countries there are second families being created every week and month as people grow to know one another through the amazing success of products like ProArgi9+ as they establish what these products can do for anyone who use them.

ProArgi9+ is a great product to become addicted too. Take my word for it, if not take Sarah’s or Ian White’s. ProArgi9+ gave them both their lives back.

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