Day 85 Synergy Worldwide Product Testimonial

Synergy Worldwide Product Testimonials

I have had a number of testimonials sent to be over the past 12 years and what I decided to share with you is some of the best ones, or for me the standout ones. I will make a summary of them at the end of this week and link back to them so that you can read the full testimonial. This one is about an experience a young Irish Man had with one of Synergy WorldWide’s V3 products, Phytolife.

Hi, my name is Kieran. I am 37 years of age. I suffer from an eye condition called keratoplasty in lay persons terms cornea grafts in my eyes. It’s where the grafts come to a point and split and leaving me blind. But thanks to donors I can see now. I have had a total of twelve grafts since 1996.

The problem I have is rejection and again I lose my sight. Until I was introduced to a product called PHYTOLIFE it has saved my sight and my sanity, and I mean that from bottom of my heart.

I was fighting rejection in my eye for six months and it wasn’t getting any better. When I seen the product for the first time, I Instantly seen one of my main rejection ingredients in it. I decided to take the product and I went off all drops and rejection tablets for a few days to see if this worked. True to form I could see a serious difference the following day which was Day 2. But didn’t think much of this as I was scared to think that a food supplement would help me. The following day I had to go to Dublin to get my eyes checked. When I went in, I could read the letter card clearly and then my consultant looked at my eyes and told me rejection was gone. So, I had to tell him about this product PHYTOLIFE. It was my life safer, and this was three years ago. I am now off all meds and drops. And I’m so thankful to the members of the SYNERGY TEAM who introduced me to this product. I believe in giving credit where credit is due and therefore it’s only fair, I write this testimonial for more people to benefit from this product.


I could not see my family grow up and enjoy life. so please free to share this. Many Thanks Kieran. Another example of how these products are changing lives around the world and those affected are happy to recognise and thank their extended Synergy Family.

My good friend Dan Hammer in Chicago and many other Synergy Business Owners refer to this as Our Synergy family and across the globe in 29 countries there are second families being created every week and month as people grow to know one another through the amazing success of products like ProArgi9+ and Phytolife.

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