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Synergy Worldwide Product Testimonials

A testimonial by a male from Flekkefjord a Municipality in Norway back in 2008 when I first became involved with Synergy WorldWide.

I have several times been told that I had to buy healthcare products with lots of antioxidants because this should be so good for the body. I have bought and tried some of these, but I haven’t noticed any effects. When I haven’t noticed any particular effect, I’m the kind of person who doesn’t believe, or I don’t remember to eat/drink the product. . In December 2007 I heard about the products from Synergy WorldWide. As always, I was very sceptical to their products, but since I had to do something about my health, I chose to try this.

The reason why I have tried quite a lot of products is this:

In 2003 I consulted the doctor in Flekkefjord because I almost fainted and got dizzy now and then. My blood-tests showed that I had way too much fat (Triglycerides) in my veins. I followed the doctor’s advice for a while, but as the time passed, I forgot to take the medicine more and more often, and in the end I stopped.

I took a new blood test in 2005. Then the recommended value was 6, 4. Recommended value should be between 0, 5 and 2, 5. I was told that I was in the high-risk category and that I had to do something about it. I started then to take blood thinning medicine and large capsules with omega 3. But as always, I did something for a while and then stopped.

The summer 2007 I became suddenly ill, pain in my chest, in my feet and in my hands. I was picked up by an ambulance and hospitalized. It turned out that I had too high blood pressure and that I had these high levels of Triglycerides.

I got a prescription for blood pressure medication, medicine for cholesterol, blood thinning medication and omega 3 capsules. My blood pressure was stabilized, but I still had pain in my hands and feet.

I ordered health care products from Synergy Worldwide in January 2008, and the 25. of January 2008 I went to the doctor to get a new blood test. The Triglyceride level was now 3,4.

Synergy WorldWide

I got the products from Synergy Worldwide in May 2008. I bought a blood pressure device and then I stopped taking the medication. Then I started to take the products from Synergy Worldwide. I checked the blood pressure 3 times each day not to take any chances since I had stopped taking the medication. The blood pressure stayed perfectly fine. After 3 days I had almost no pain in my hands and feet anymore. I used the products for 1 month and went back to the doctor and took a new blood test. Now the Triglycerides were down to 2,2. And I didn’t have any more pain in my hands and feet any longer.

When something like this happens, you have no choice if you want to stay healthy and at that moment, I decided that I would use these products for the rest of my life.

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