Day 87 Synergy Worldwide Product Testimonial I.B.S.

Synergy Worldwide Product Testimonials all of these are unedited other than grammatical corrections.

Testimony on I.B.S. Colitis, Celiac and Blood Platelets.

I was first introduced to the Synergy products in the spring of 2012.? At that time in my life, I was a busy wife and mother running my own business.? I had developed some internal problems and was having a hard time not knowing when a flare up could hit.

It all began after the birth of my second child.? After her birth I had contracted endometritis.? I was treated for this infection with antibiotics and that’s where my problems began.? The antibiotics allowed my white and red blood cells to become unbalanced and that allowed colitis to set into my colon.? For a year I suffered with cramps that I could compare to labour pains and watching my intake did nothing to help.? Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and my primary care physician referred me to a GI Doctor.? After a short conversation he quickly diagnosed me with having celiac disease.? I immediately started a gluten free diet and started to feel a little better.? After further testing my Doctor discovered that my gallbladder was not working 100%.? When I experienced flare ups, I was not sure which of my three aliments was causing it.

During a routine check-up, blood work showed that I had a problem with the platelet count in my blood.? ?My platelet count was at 675,000 when the normal count is 150,000.? This put me at risk of heart attack and stroke.? To my Doctors surprise, I had tested positive for essential Thrombocytosis and was put on blood thinners immediately.

After sharing this news with my family, they suggested that I try products called ProArgi 9 Plus, Mistify and Phytolife.? I figured I had nothing to lose.? I started taking the products over a year ago and I have never looked back.? They have changed my life forever.? My General Intestine Doctor is blown away with my blood work, he just can’t believe how good my internal organs are.? He said, “whatever you are doing, keep doing it”. “Your blood work has never looked better”!

Today I am living a very normal life and owe it all to ProArgi 9 plus and the V3.? I would highly recommend that if you have any type of ailment associated with your internal organs, please give it a try.? You have nothing to lose and your whole life to gain.

Thank you for taking the time to read this testimonial.


And a second testimonial from another lady from Ireland, A Hairdresser, this time on fatigue and I.B.S.

“My name is Catherine and I work in my own hair Salon Co. Limerick. The hours are long and at the end of each day I was always tired and exhausted. I have a young family and never seemed to have the energy to enjoy time with them fully. In September 2008 I was introduced to these Synergy products by a customer of mine  and I was blown away by the immediate effects that they had on me in the first 24 hours. I noticed a difference in how I felt, energised is the only word that comes to mind. At the end of a long day, I’m not as tired as I was, thus giving me more time to enjoy with my kids. 

 I also suffered from irritable bowel syndrome for the last twenty years and bad circulation in my legs. Because of this product, my bowel movements are now regular, and my digestive system has improved. 

The circulation in my legs has also improved so after a long day at work I don’t experience the same tiredness and aches & pains as I did previously. 

My son is also on the products, and he is a bad asthmatic, however within 48 hours he was off the inhaler which I have been giving out to him over, but he says: “Mam, I feel so good, I am breathing much better and I have loads of energy so leave me alone!” 

EXACTLY his words. 

I owe all this to these products, and I have encouraged all my friends and family to try them. I would really encourage everyone to try these products as seeing is believing. 

Yours gratefully, 


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