Day 88 220,000 Free Blood Pressure Monitors

220,000 Free Blood Pressure Monitors being given away to people who are at high risk of either a heart attack or stroke.

Before I get into this generous offer this is Day 88 and 8 happens to me my favourite number, why? Well, I was born on the 8th of the 8th so yes, my star sign is Leo. 88 is my Masonic Lodge Number up in Airdrie and I have just affiliated to Lodge 53 in Dumfries and 5+3 = 8 and 5 is another number close to my heart as that was the number I had on my jersey when I won my first gold medal for running at the “hallowed” and now sadly demolished Bromfield Park which will always be the “spiritual” home of Airdrieonians FC my home team.

Eight (8) is also the symbol of infinity and that sits great with Synergy WorldWide as they pay out to infinity, but I will cover this in more detail in the near future. In the meantime, if you can’t wait to find out about that just drop me a message either on Twitter or on my Facebook page, the links are near the end of this post.

So back to the 220,000 Free Blood Pressure Monitors. This appeared on almost every news channel and digital newspaper on-line yesterday.

No, you might believe that this a wonderful gesture and that it will save lives and I for one am not about to allow this to pass without a comment. This is the one article I have written that I truly wish I had thousands of subscribers reading it because I reckon this could cause a real backlash for me but guess what? I couldn’t care less now because I have my own personal experience with Cardiovascular Disease and 17 years on, I know a hell of a lot more about how it all works than I did when I had my chest opened with a scalpel and a saw!

Here’s why and I will keep this brief and to some bullet points for now.

  • Statistics globally show that one in three people have high blood pressure.
  • Most of the GP’s I know have all told me that measuring blood pressure with one of these monitors is one of the least accurate tests a GP carries out, so if a GP can’t trust them why should someone at home?
  • GP’s dole out prescription after prescription to people who need blood pressure lowering pills or do, they need them? In 2011 there was a newspaper article saying that in Scotland alone 11 million prescriptions for blood pressure pills were being prescribed unnecessarily and up here those prescriptions are free which is an SNP policy to buy votes.
  • I passed stress tests linked to ECG machines let alone a BP Monitor and twice those stress tests failed to reveal that I had three severely blocked arteries two of which were almost totally blocked.

Here’s a snippet from NHS England Web site posted yesterday.

Hundreds of thousands of people will be able to test their blood pressure at home, thanks to lifesaving monitors on the NHS.

The devices are being made available to 220,000 people who have been diagnosed with uncontrolled high blood pressure and who could benefit from regular checks.

The action to catch more killer conditions earlier and save lives as part of the NHS Long Term Plan, is estimated to prevent 2,200 heart attacks and almost 3,300 strokes over five years.

More than 65,000 blood pressure monitors have already been delivered to patients and are similar to those used in GP practices.

All these devices will do, which is why they are claiming that they will save lives is catch people earlier and confine them to a lifetime of prescription drugs which quite frankly is bullshit. Why, because it’s called revolving door medicine as pills long term supress, they don’t cure people from this disease? What does cure is exercise, a healthier diet, quit smoking and yes try ProArgi9+ based on the Nobel Prize for Medicine. I will leave it at that. Make your own mind up but #lookharder and do your own research.

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