Day 92 V3 Testimonial ProArgi9+

A V3 Testimonial including ProArgi9+ by Caroline a  Montessori Teacher, Artist, Mother and Housewife.

I was introduced to Synergy V3 products by my great friend Joe. At the time I had just started taking another product and wanted to give that one a chance. One evening Joe called and I was in agony, having a terrible migraine. I had taken painkillers but to no avail. I was weak and sick, and the pain was unbelievably bad this time and  I couldn’t see out of one of my eyes. Joe mixed some ProArgi9+ for me and within half an hour the pain was gone. I was impressed to say the least. I then started on Mystify and Phytolife too. These are the other two products that when combined with ProArgi9+ they are referred to as Synergy WorldWide’s Vital three or V3

I have been researching health products and alternative treatments for many years because of a condition called Candida Albicans. It’s an overgrowth of yeast in the body, which mutates and attaches itself by claw like roots to the mucous membranes of the body’s organs. It is a nasty and dangerous condition. Its symptoms are varied and vague often dismissed out of hand by doctors, while being very real for the sufferer. Some include persistent thrush, joint problems, respiratory problems, “foggy brain”(inability to focus) and eventually depression; terrible sugar cravings-leading to weight problems and the list goes on. The yeast needs to be fed, which you do with sugary foods and so the vicious cycle begins again.

I have also suffered from joint trouble for many years now, the discs in my lower back are prolapsed and I have a lot of wear and tear. I suffer from bursitis, where the sacs between the joints, containing synovial fluid, become inflamed and gritty, causing friction and nagging, burning pain. Since taking the V3 products, muscle spasms ease quickly and the pain from the bursitis (in my hips) is almost gone. It used to wake me at night and all that has stopped. I experienced a miracle one evening last week. I got a nasty attack of tennis elbow. Normally this would entail a trip to the doctor for a Valium injection to relax the muscle spasm. The previous attack had been so bad that my chiropractor said that in 10 years as a chiropractor, he had never seen such a level of cramping in any person. The pain is excruciating to say the least. Anyway, I took a leap of faith and took a dose of Pro Argi. I began to feel a cold tingling sensation in my arm and the pain just melted from the top down right out of my arm. I have never seen anything like it. This product works!! My energy levels are up; my cravings for sugary foods have lessened. I have begun to lose weight.

V3 Testimonial ProArgi9+ Phytolife and Mistify

Therefore, I understand the need for the body to be alkaline in PH, the Phytolife will take care of that. The Mystify supplies potent antioxidants to repair the damage done by toxins and free radicals and the Pro Argi 9 builds a healthy transport system to deliver clean, oxygenated blood to all our organs, so they can function, filter, eliminate waste matter. The world we live in is so toxic, through pollution, over processing of food, dangerous food additives and many dangerous chemicals in cleaning products, air fresheners and personal care products. We need to give our bodies the best help we can to fight disease. I believe that the Synergy V3 products provide us with that fighting chance.

For the first time in many years, I see a light at the end of the tunnel. I am looking forward to feeling well and getting my life back. I am still detoxing and expect to do so for some time, my health was in a bad way, but it’s a small price to pay. Thanks Joe and thanks SYNERGY

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